Google Plus for Business Apps

A lot of service delivery companies have recently been complaining about the high cost of scheduling and tracking field officers. Take the cable tv companies for instace with thousands of field engineers across the country doing installations and carrying out maintenance work. There have been many instances where two or more engineers arriv on one job at the same time because it has not been able to determine who is nearest to the location. It seems Google is coming to the rescue.

If you’re a mobile / field worker, and are tired of getting hauled across town to jobs, when there are others nearer by, you might want to point your senior in the direction of Google Maps Coordinate. Sounding like a blend of Latitude, Maps and Google + (Circles,) it’s a web tool and mobile app that should help central operations organize their teams out in the field. Of course there’s the usual location sharing, plus options for recording and collecting (user defined) data, allocating staff to teams or groups, job and task allocation plus history for analytics….More at Google Maps Coordinate: keep tabs on your team, dish the work out fairly (video)

This app is revolutionary in my mind. It would work in all sorts of situations -meetings, deliveries, leisure and much more. All situations where groups of people need to converge at a given location.

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