Can Mobile Technology Boost Impulse Buys?

As more and more people continue to use their mobile deveices for making purchases, is this changing the way shoppers buy stuff on impulse?

As the use of mobile technology continues to grow, marketers are learning more about what it can do for businesses. Increasing impulse buys is an advantage of mobile technology (mobile sites, mobile apps, QR codes, etc.) that mobile marketers are now reaping the benefits of.

Take Kraft for example. Mobile Marketer notes that a Kraft executive said, “one of the most exciting things about mobile is that it influences customer behavior at the moment of purchase.” The article went on to quote the Kraft exec as saying, “We see usage on our recipe sites spike when consumers are in the store making a buying decision,” he said. “We also believe mobile drives impulse buys.”

Can mobile technology encourage impulse buys?…

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A lot of businesses now have mobile optimised shopping carts, making it possible to make online purchases from mobile devices. Questions are being asked by market analysts if this is increasing impulse buying by shoppers.


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