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Twitter is now the biggest web 2.0 social site on the planet, well micro blogging to be more precise with millions of users worldwide tweeting about their everyday life, what they are doing & who they are speaking to. It seems a little crazy that anyone would be interesting in Peter telling his followers he is now making a cup of tea but people love it.

However Twitter has more positive uses for the online marketer & webmaster who are more interested in building huge numbers of followers to be able to post their latest offers, links and products to.

There are already many Twitter applications online that do various tasks but very few that do them all & do them well, We want to introduce you to a brand new Twitter software application that decided to take Twitter by the horns and create an application that would do everything other than the washing up, & who knows in later updates it may do that too. is getting plenty of interest online right now and many people are signing up for their newsletter as of June 2009 the application was not officially launched, now let me first tell you how impressed we are with the huge list of tools this application comes with as part of the standard package, if can deliver what it states it can then this will without doubt be the most powerful Twitter auto poster software online period. is an online marketers haven as it offers every conceivable tool required to market your products and services on Twitter and without it been time consuming or difficult.


Let’s start with the fully automated account creation engine that will build an unlimited amount of accounts for you on autopilot 24hrs a day. The account engine will even solve the re-captcha on both Twitter and on Google’s Gmail mail servers where the account creation engine will also automatically create email accounts for you too, it so fast and easy to manage literally thousands of Twitter accounts all at once using this section of the application alone.

Now if that wasn’t impressive enough this application includes a powerful themes, bio & avatar spinning engine that goes in directly after all automated accounts are created & it spins random new themes which fully include text colour, link colour, link hover colour, background images making every account look like someone spent some time making their Twitter Page unique.

However it doesn’t end there either it then changes all the accounts avatars for default ones that come with the application & there are literally hundreds, then it updates each bio with personal details to truly give each account the look & feel of a real user, now that’s what we call cooking on gas!

The Twitter application is by no means a small script either, this is a monster app for your servers and will serve you well in your marketing efforts involving the use of Twitter, you will truly be able to leverage you way to the top of the Twitter list within just weeks if not sooner using this application.

The Twitter auto poster has a whole lot more going for it that auto creating accounts and spinning themes & bio’s as it’s an all round automated posting application, kind of makes me feel like a kid in a candy store when I read about all the cool and powerful features they are packing into this script.

If you’re looking for a Twitter application that can mass create accounts, make them all unique, auto search & follow, delete followers not returning the follow, parse & post all your RSS feeds, organise & post all your links, auto tweet, grab other users tweets from Twitter give them a spin and repost them, set & forget schedulers, proxy engines, send personal messages to followers & a whole lot more then you need to check out & see what these whizz kids are doing with this mega Twitter application, it’s certainly the best and most feature rich we have seen so far while searching the net for cool & powerful Twitter applications & software.

You can visit their main website here TwitterXtreme Homepage

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