Top 10 Twitter Applications Your Business Will Ever Need

It has been four years now, since Twitter was launched publicly in August 2006 and you can see how Twitter has gained prominence as the most popular community for sharing thoughts in short text messages.

Given the growing popularity, many companies have already realized the potential use of Twitter in business marketing. Businesses used it for personal branding, promoting products, getting feedbacks, hiring people, generating web traffic, making new friends, notifying customers, finding business prospects, setting up meetings, updating business events and more.

Although there are hundreds of cool Twitter applications found on many sites that help you manage the way you use Twitter, I sorted my own top ten twitter applications to bring you the most useful ideas in marketing your small business.

Here are my top 10 twitter applications lists:

10. Splitweet- It is a twitter multi-account manager and brand monitor that allows you, twitter user, to compose a list of accounts and distribute their tweets, choosing their release in one or more of their accounts. You can also follow your contacts tweets from all of your managed accounts and monitor your brand.

9. Tweetlaw- This is a website primarily designed for legal professionals where members of the legal community can instantly share new information and network. This is a big help for any business owners who will seek legal consultation.


8. Calendartweet- It is an easy event management tool via twitter that allows you to plan your business events and control frequency of updates on your twitter page.

7. FutureTweets- It is a very simple application that allows you to schedule your business/ product/ service tweet ahead of time for a specific date and time.

6. CoTweet- It is a platform that help businesses send and receive messages from multiple twitter accounts. CoTweet lets you connect to one master twitter account, but still use it as totally separate users. Each user can log in and turn their status switch on so that others will know you’re online. It also allows you to assign tweets to specific team members and it will track who ended up answering the question and what they said.

5. TrackThis- Using this application you can easily track any UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL shipment.  Updates are sent via Email, SMS messaging, RSS feeds, Facebook, or Twitter account whenever your package is out for delivery, delivered, or delayed.

4. TwitPic- It is an application that allows users to take photos from their mobile phones and post it to twitter. This is a good way to introduce your new products to your twitter followers.

3. Bubbletweet- It is a fun way to make a short video of your business or business product and bubbletweet it. It makes your twitter page extra special. It adds a short video that plays in a Bubble video player that floats on top of your twitter page and when it is over, it pops and goes away.

2. Followbase- It is a very simple real-time customer service and support application for any business company that uses twitter. Using the application, your clients can easily get in touch with you, ask questions, report problems, suggest ideas and more.

1. BakerTweet- It is a very innovative application that could apply to any kind of businesses tweeting people that you have something new coming . Bakertweet is an application designed for busy bakers to tell the world that something hot and fresh has just come out of the oven. It has a device that sends messages to twitter. It has a very simple web interface where the baker can update their messages, and the things they sell. It is a way you can get the freshest baked stuff first.

These are just some of Twitter Applications Your Business Will Ever Need.

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