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Twitter marketing is a new phenomenon. Thanks to the huge success of Twitter, it has become not only a social tool but also a marketing tool. By building up a huge numbers of followers on Twitter, you can create your own market for your products. Even better, by focusing on your niche, you know that your followers are genuinely interested in your products. But you have to be careful, Twitter is not supposed to be used as a sales platform, so your marketing on Twitter must be subtle.

Like other social networking platforms, Twitter is not a marketing platform. But due to its huge success, a lot of people have recognized the marketing potential of Twitter. By having a huge number of followers you have created a market for your products and services. But like other Internet marketing tools, you need to know how to get the most out of your Twitter campaigns. Just creating a Twitter account and hoping to get followers who will buy your products will not be good enough.

Marketing on Twitter is fairly straight-forward but there are a couple of pit falls you must avoid. First make sure that you do not upset Twitter. If you try to build up your number of followers too quickly by following hundreds of new users every day, Twitter may disable your account. In order to avoid being labeled as a spammer by Twitter, limit the number of people you follow to 200 a day and do not keep on following new users every single day.

Make sure that your followers do not see you as a spammer. Unless you are well known in your niche, you need to give your followers some interesting and useful information on a regular basis. Some people try to use Twitter to increase the number of visitors to their web pages with CPM ads, that is, they get paid for every visit to their web pages. But unless the web page you want your followers to visit has some real information, you will quickly start losing followers.

Like all other Internet marketing campaigns, Twitter marketing campaigns should be planned in advance. By using Tweet Later you can schedule your tweets, so you do not need to manually log in and tweet. Twitter can be addictive, so you should have a specific time when you are online and tweet. Otherwise you may find yourself spending far too much time on Twitter and not having time for other activities.

Another benefit of Twitter marketing is that it can become viral. If you give your followers useful information, they will often re-tweet your tweets to their followers. Not only does this increase your market but having others promoting you will also give you more credibility.

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CBS News blogger Shira Lazar speaks with “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey, who explains his decision to donate a million dollars to LiveStrong if he gets a million fans on Twitter.

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