Blacktwitters ? Connect with Black People on Twitter

Twitter is the leader of the pack among African American social networkers.  If you have been on Twitter for a while, you have most likely heard of Blacktwitters (  Blacktwitters, which was inspired by Duane Washington, is a Twitter directory for African Americans that lets you keep up with the top African American Twitterers and the hottest tags.  Twitter is a huge community and is expanding every second.  Now how do you keep up with all the great African American twitterers?  That’s where Blacktwitters comes in.  It not only lets you add yourself to the directory with your appropriate tags, it also lets you go over the listings available to find people to follow based on your favorite tags.

Here is what to love about Blacktwitters.  You can find out about the top African American users under the hottest categories on Twitter.  That’s very helpful if you are looking to develop ideas or get the pulse of the African American Community.  Blacktwitters also shows you who the overall top African American Twitters are, enabling you to follow and learn from them.

Being able to find people to follow and add yourself to Blacktwitters directory is certainly helpful. But you can also learn a lot about how to dominate Twitter from top users listed on Blacktwitters. Think about it. The site tells you who are the top users in your niche. By looking at their Twitter profile and their tweets, you can find out how they are communicating and providing value to their followers and what you can learn from them. When you think about it, Twitter is more than just a place to chat with your friends. You can provide and receive a lot of value from engaging with others and sharing information. If you are on Twitter and want to find and connect with other top African American Twitterers, Blacktwitters is a great place to start. Don’t forget to tag yourself properly. It really does matter.

The directory is free for anyone to join as long as they have a Twitter account.

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