Using Twitter Marketing To Make Money

Twitter cash has been the talk of the town recently with so many power Twitter users cashing in on their followers using Twitter marketing techniques. Even the top online media sources seem to be running “Twitter money” stories like this one…

Geekpreneur’s “99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter” Highlights Case Studies of Successful Twitter Users

With all this news hitting the headlines, many new Twitter users are trying to grab on to this Twitter train and ride along for what hopefully could be a Twitter cash journey for them too. But can this be done?

No matter how many followers you have, if your Twitter marketing sucks, then so will your income! Obviously if you have more passionate followers than an ice cream cult, then truth be told you might just do it.


But getting the followers could be a problem?

If like me you are NO celebrity….

You are penniless….

You get less attention than a plastic bag….

You have ZERO friends….

What can you do?

Well, you could start a Twitter marketing plan by deciding just what it is that you want to be marketing on Twitter in the first place. This will narrow down your field, and can get us started on where to start you off on the right foot.

This is the practical part…. Say you want to market and sell products related to The Beatles on Twitter, then what you want to do to get followers that are also interested in The Beatles, that may want to buy your products is this….

1) Sign up for Beatles related online forums and join conversations helping people out with your knowledge about the subject. Add your Twitter name in your forum signature so that people who love what you have to say can follow you and get even more great advice from you, as well as maybe buy your Beatles related goods.

2) Join and follow the instructions to grab a hoard of Beatles lovin Tweeters.

3) Search on the Twitter site itself for Beatles related words and phrases, then follow those people with your own account. Most of the time they will follow you back too.

4) Enter your target topic in between quotes at like this…

“The Beatles”

Remember to add after your keyword in quotes then hit search.

What this will do is find every record of “The Beatles” being used on Twitter in peoples tweets. What you can then do is click on the search listings and follow them too! Cha Ching!

Now this should get you some good followers that you can not only use great Twitter marketing with, but also hopefully make some Twitter cash at the same time.

So my answer is YES! Even though you may have less followers right now than a Donkey with gas, using these techniques, even you as a regular Joe could become a power Twitter user too!

If you use the techniques above and love em, then great! But this is the Twitter Cash shortcut.

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