How to Get More Google Plus Ones

How to Get More Google Plus Ones

Google Plus is Google’s latest innovation to incorporate social media and networking into their search engine. Google Plus is all about the user, what they like and don’t like, and the different features that interest them the most. Google Plus is trying to compete with different social networks such as Facebook to bring in more users to share with their search engine. How Google Plus is competing with Facebook is by adding the Plus One feature to their Google Plus program. The Google Plus One feature works like the Facebook “Like” button does and allows the users of this program to share a link with their friends and contacts.

The way that users can share with their contacts is through Google Circles. Google Circles is essentially different friend groups. These groups can include relatives, friends, associates, co-workers, and more. The limits are nearly endless. By adding a Plus One to an item that particular user can share that Plus One with their Google Circles and can bring more visitors and users to that particular webpage.

Google than uses these Plus Ones to decide the page rank of a particular webpage. Unfortunately, they do not solely use this method but just go based on the page rank that a webpage has made through SEO marketing and backlinks. It does add a feature though that will allow for a webpage to achieve a higher rank through Plus One. A webpage can gain page rank with a Plus One due to the fact that Google recognizes that the user liked a webpage for a particular reason. Below are two main ways for a webpage to gain Plus Ones.


The first way to gain Plus Ones is the “legal” way of gaining Plus Ones. If you want to gain a Plus One you will want to optimize your webpage to draw in that user.  You will want to include the latest information on the subject, the latest item, great graphics, videos, and other features which will set you apart from the other webpages. This way you will receive a Plus One from that user because they will have gained new knowledge or have a great experience on you webpage. Unfortunately by optimizing your webpage for the user can take a while and seeing results from this optimization might not be immediate webpage owners might look for a different way to gain Plus Ones that is more “illegal” than by changing their webpage.

The second way, which is considered more of a fraudulent way to gain Plus Ones, includes hiring a company to manually go through and give your links and webpages Plus Ones for a fee. For example, a particular webpage will give you a hundred, a thousand, or more Plus Ones for a fee. This is an easier way to gain Plus Ones but if the information that is available on your is not that good people will notice and not come back to that particular webpage. If you do happen to choose this direction you will still want to make sure that your webpage is the best that it can be so that you can keep the viewers that come to that webpage.

Those were two ways that are available to choose from when you are deciding which way to go when it comes to gaining Plus Ones. Plus Ones are a great way of gaining page rank and you will find out shortly that it can make the difference from being on the front page when your keyword is being searched and being on a page that is farther back in the search engine list. With the Google Plus program you can put a link, provided by Google, onto your webpage so that the user can Plus One a particular item.

In the end there are many ways for a webpage to gain Plus Ones, one includingreferrals that a webpage owner can decide to use. In the end, no matter how you achieve it, a Plus One will help you to gain PR, page rank, with your webpage. Google’s Plus program is the new beginning of SEO and page rank optimization. It is essential that you look into this form of page ranking so that you do not fall behind.

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