How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Many websites, blogs and articles are created in part to sell products through affiliate marketing. In other cases, bloggers and webmasters add affiliate advertising to their sites in order to have an income from their site or to contribute to the costs of running the site.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Marketing and selling someone else’s product through a link is affiliate marketing. The seller, called the affiliate, signs up with a company such as eBay, Amazon or and of the thousands of companies and individuals that have affiliate marketing networks in place. The affiliate is then given links to sell the product and may be given banner ads and other promotional items that will help them to make sales.

Each time someone clicks through the links or banner ads that were placed by the affiliate, goes to the seller’s site and then buys the product, the affiliate earns a commission. A commission is usually a percentage of the sale price, but it may be a flat rate instead.

How to Place Affiliate Links

Many Internet marketers use article directories to place useful information that’s geared toward people who will be interested in the product that’s being advertised. There are some article directories that allow affiliate ads, but some, such as Ezine Articles, don’t allow affiliate links at all. To use article directories for affiliate marketing, concentrate on article directories that have high page rank and that allow affiliate links. These include Article Dashboard and Article Pool.


Other sites that allow affiliate links include eHow, Bukisa and Xomba. The affiliate links added to eHow and Bukisa must pertain to the general topic of the article submitted to the site. With Xomba, the link itself can be bookmarked.

Advertising an Affiliate Marketing Program

Some affiliate marketers buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads to advertise their affiliate links. Many companies don’t allow the use of the company name in PPC ads, however, which can impact the success rate of this type of advertising. Affiliate marketing networks each have their own rules about how the advertising can be done.

Most affiliate marketing programs forbid spamming forums with affiliate links and sending spam emails that contain affiliate links. Other affiliate marketing programs have stricter rules about where the links can be advertised and in what context. Marketers who disobey the marketing rules of these affiliate networks risk being dropped from the affiliate network by that website.

Affiliate Marketing on Blogs

One of the most popular ways to make money with blogs is to place affiliate ads and links on the blogs. This is often done by creating a product review blog post that contains an affiliate link to the product. It can also be done by linking relevant words in the blog to affiliate products. Bloggers can also place affiliate banner ads on their blogs.

Some companies with affiliate programs, such as and Amazon, also make customized affiliate ads that promote one or more of the site’s products. Amazon makes a revolving product ad that allows readers to scroll through the ad to see more products that were selected by the blogger.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

To make money through affiliate marketing, it’s generally best not to depend too heavily on one marketing one product or one site. Sites like Commission Junction allow affiliate marketers to choose many different companies to promote in order to keep several streams of affiliate marketing income flowing in.


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