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Twitter is easily one of the most popular social networking sites on the web today. Sure, you can add your friends and co-workers, but why not try something a little more interesting? Celebrities around the world have joined Twitter and are now sharing the minutiae of their lives for the entire world to read. Here is a list of some of the most popular, funniest and most interesting celebrities on Twitter. (They are ranked by followers – so the more followers they have the higher they rank on this list).

1: Britney Spears

Twitter Name: britneyspears
Followers: 3,943,630

The undisputed queen of Twitterland, Ms. Britney Spears is an odd mix of personal tweets mixed with PR updates from her management team. Filled with photos, news about upcoming concert performances and albums, weird little titbits about Britney’s day to day life, and sometimes a little bit of controversy.

2: Ellen DeGeneres
Twitter Name: TheEllenShow
Followers: 3,869,945

It makes sense that Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter is so popular: it isn’t just wacky insights about her life or clips from her popular talk show. Ellen’s tweets also features regular information about surprise giveaways and contests that are available only to Twitter followers. Frequently requiring readers to rush off to a specific location, Ellen’s fans get the chance to take part in some exciting promotions.


3: Oprah Winfrey

Twitter Name: Oprah
Followers: 2,770,434

It appears that Oprah does all of her own tweeting, meaning you won’t see any PR people speaking for her. It also means that you shouldn’t expect many updates. After all, how can Oprah find time in the day to tweet?

4: Shaquille O’Neal
Twitter Name: THE_REAL_SHAQ
Followers: 2,626,476

Plus-sized basketball star Shaquille O’Neal was one of the first Twitter phenomenon. Not only does he handle all of his own tweets, he sends out an almost never-ending stream of them. Shaq encourages fans to come talk to him, replies to messages regularly and just has a good time. A mix of vulgarity and genius, this gregarious superstar is one of the most entertaining Twitter-ers around.

5: Demi Moore
Twitter Name: mrskutcher
Followers: 2,353,591

Who would have thought Demi Moore could be so accessible? Decidedly unglamorous in her tweets, this beautiful actress tweets about watching movies and cable television while interacting directly with fans all day.

6: Lady Gaga
Twitter Name: ladygaga
Followers: 1,833,334

This laid-back pop goddess is surprisingly in touch with her fans. If you add lady Gaga as a friend, there’s a good chance that she’ll be returning the favour and follow your tweets as well. If you’re ready to be caught in a bad Twit-mance, here’s your chance.

7: Rainn Wilson

Twitter Name: rainnwilson
Followers: 1,699,452

“The Office’s” Dwight Schrute is busy on Twitter. His signature wit and interest in communicating with his followers has made him a hit on the Twitter scene, with more than one and a half million followers.

8: Perez Hilton

Twitter Name: PerezHilton
Followers; 1,657,164

The Internet gossip superstar, Perez Hilton, now keeps in touch with fans across the world via Twitter, and keeps the world informed of all the scandals as they happen. For celebrity gossip junkies he’s one you’ll want to follow.

9: Kevin Smith

Twitter Name: ThatKevinSmith
Followers: 1,547,381

Cult movie director Kevin Smith is a prolific tweeter who loves to keep in touch with his loyal fans. His acerbic wit is constantly on display. Those who need to keep their Twitter feed work-safe, beware!

10: Paula Abdul
Twitter Name: PaulaAbdul
Followers: 1,470,708

Paula Abdul, the sometimes controversial musician, dancer, and television star, keeps it real on Twitter. She posts regular updates so her fans can easily keep up with what she’s doing,  constantly. Yep, get ready for a pretty hefty number of Paula-centric tweets per day; if you’re into that.

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