Marketing With Twitter The Right Way

Twitter is quickly becoming a phenomenon that’s changing the world as we know it. In an instant you can tell people all over the world what you are up to. If you are watching tv, hanging with friends, traveling the world, have a business to market, or just want to be your goofy self, Twitter is the place to make yourself known to millions of people. If you have a business or product you want to promote it’s important to follow some guidelines when you’re marketing with Twitter.

It’s important to put yourself in your followers shoes when you are tweeting. If you come across as being too pitchy or a spammer, you will not have success marketing with Twitter. The community will shut you out very quickly. It’s okay to regularly post about your business opportunity or product that you are promoting but make sure your tweets stay fresh, interesting, and provide value to your followers. If you post the same old tweets your followers will become uninterested and you will lose credibility.

When you’re marketing with Twitter don’t be too business orientated. Your followers will get tired of you very quickly if all you tweet is about business. Make sure you share about what’s going on in your life, be personable, share quotes that interest you, retweet what others have to say, but most of all be yourself. Don’t try to be someone your not.


Since Twitter will only let you share snippets at a time it’s important to keep your content interesting. Telling your followers you’re eating, watching tv, or going to bed will bore them after awhile. It’s okay to post this content but make sure you post more interesting Tweets as well.

When marketing with Twitter a good guideline to follow is 1 business tweet for every 3 tweets you post. So for every 3 content tweets you would post 1 business tweet. Only send out 5-6 tweets per day. If you follow these guidelines, your posts will stay fresh and your followers won’t think you are being a cheesy salesperson.

Make sure you post your Twitter link on your website, blog, email signatures, and social media websites. The more places you post your twitter link, the more followers you will get. Remember that the more followers you have, the more people will see your messages.

It’s very critical to avoid using automatic Twitter services that offer bulk followers, repeating the same tweets, mass tweeting, mass following, and sending out tweets automatically from Twitter automated sites. These are quick ways to get your account banned. There are some sites like Tweetlater, Buzzom, and Huitter that are legitimate sites. Just make sure that if you are going to use these kinds of sites, do your research on them first to make sure they are legitimate. Once your account gets banned with Twitter, it’s a nightmare trying to get it back and you’ll lose all of your followers.

Marketing with Twitter the right way is a great way to build credibility for you and your business. If you do it right Twitter can provide your business with a tremendous amount of leads. Remember to be always be yourself, be consistent, be interesting, follow the proper rules of engagement, and Twitter will be a tremendous marketing resource. Are you the next Twitter marketing rockstar? If so, prove it. Go out there and start tweeting!

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