What is Twitter Plus Easy Ways to Get Followers to Profit

Everyone heard of Twitter and I advise you to continue if you have no idea what Twitter actually is. In summary, Twitter is basically a powerful mobile social network tool that enables you to keep up with the people, businesses and organizations you are interested in this world, regardless whether they know you or not.

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It also lets you share what you are doing with the world, everyone from your family and friends to complete strangers.But one thing for sure that Twitter can do much more than just keeping up with your friends and family. In fact, you can do some of the wonders such as tracking your expenses, get restaurant reviews or update with latest news.



The list is expanding everyday and let go through some of the cool ways you can use Twitter.Breaking News – As highlighted earlier, Twitter made popular by latest breaking news and it is still continues to grow as a resource for breaking news. Events like the recent earthquake in China, terrorist attacks in Mumbai are all broke first on Twitter and were then picked up by the mainstream broadcast media.


Journalists and media organizations, along with consumers now look to Twitter as a legitimate source for news.Travel – To your surprise, airlines, trains, car companies and more all use Twitter to keep their corporate finger on the pulse of a lot more than just brand perception. Southwest has in fact use Twitter to track traffic flow at various airports, monitor any problems in real time, report any flight delays and so on.

You will be surprise that Twitter might even become the genuine force in the financial world in days to come.Foods – Share your comments and reviews with other Twitter users, many of whom are sharing thoughts on where and what they are eating in real time. In fact, if you are wondering about a specific restaurant, you may able to search for the name of the restaurant and see what people are saying about it. For wine lovers, you will able to find a whole new worlds in Twitter, whether you are serious or social drinker, Twitter users like Bin Ends Wine or Gary Vaynerchuck always offer tons of real-time recommendations.Books – Twitter offer whole new world to authors and readers to engage in the internet world. Some authors such as Neil Gaiman engage with fans via Twitter, others use Twitter to release their stories.

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