Twitter Basics – The Newbie Guide to Success at Twitter

<P>You’ve probably heard about the benefits that Twitter has to offer. This micro-blogging scene seems to have something for nearly everyone. Whether you use it regular or casually, there is potential. It all begins with learning the basics. The first step is to sign up for a free account. All you need is an email account. Click on the link that says “get started- join” and then enter your information to sign up.</P>
<P>After this, Twitter will give you the opportunity to search your address book for friends and contacts you already have who are already signed up on Twitter. You can then add your AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail contacts to your Twitter account. You can always skip this step and add them later.</P>
<P>You will also be given an option to invite your friends to Twitter if you choose, using your email client. Some people consider this to be an intrusive form of spam so it’s ok if you choose to skip this step. Next, you want to adjust your settings to your needs. You will do this from your home page. Click on the settings tab and you can choose to enter your name, time zone, location and whether or not you want your updates protected.</P>
<P>If you protect your updates, they will not appear in a public timeline or in search engines. They will only appear to people who you choose to approve them. You can always change these settings later at any time. Next you need to upload a picture. Don’t keep the default avatar from Twitter. This will limit you and it also makes people think you are a botter.</P>


<P>If you want to use Twitter with your phone, you can now set that up as well. You can receive updates from some of the people you are following using SMS. If you follow a lot of people, this may get a little spammy, however so you may want to limit who you receive updates from.</P>
<P>Here are some things to know about using Twitter:</P>
<P>· You can send updates from your phone or mobile device as well</P>
<P>· A quality photo will help you gain more followers and express who you are</P>
<P>· Follow your friends and family by searching for them at the top of the home page</P>
<P>· Search for people with similar interests who you want to follow</P>
<P>· Take time to learn the basic commands of Twitter</P>
<P>· Direct messages are private messages that only the person you send them to will read these messages</P>
<P>· Learn safety while online and don’t reveal sensitive information to the public</P>
<P>Now that you know more about the Twitter basics, it will help you to find success with Twitter, however you decide to use it. The more you put into it, the more you can get back out of it and everyone is free to use it in the way that works for you.</P>
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