Twitter Lists – How to Make Them Work For You

<P>When you log on to your Twitter page, you’ll find a third notation positioned after the numbers of people you follow and those who follow you. “Listed” denotes the number of times a Twitter user has categorized you in a Twitter list. If you find several people have included you in their lists, regardless of category, it certainly says quite a bit about your influence with the social network. Whether you are new to Twitter or a seasoned “tweeter,” Twitter and its list options can be advantageous to your online marketing strategy.</P>
<P>Twitter Lists allows you to group specific Twitter users any way you wish. If you market for a rather large company, you can collect the accounts of all employees or official accounts into one list, then utilize the RSS feed to share with others interested in company-wide happenings. From a personal standpoint, Twitter Lists helps you group certain accounts so you can update yourself on several accounts at once without having to sort through all the people on Twitter you follow, or check individual Twitter pages.</P>
<P>Can this feature help your product and service promotion? There is opportunity, provided your information posted is compelling enough to inspire somebody to add you to a list. One advantage to Twitter Lists is that one can add users the list creator doesn’t necessarily follow. Yet, as people begin to follow lists, they may be inclined to follow you on a regular basis as you let your personality and authority shine through the social network.</P>
<P>Whether you use Twitter’s list option for researching tweets or connect with other users to create relevant groups, the more you research this function the more you can discover the potential for your work.</P></DIV>
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