Twitter Headline Tips For Your Online Business

<P>Twitter is considered to many as a powerful tool to market your online business. The traffic potential that Twitter can provide to your website is limitless.</P>
<P>For this reason, I feel it is important that an online business owner should spend some time and learn some Twitter headline tips that will help improve website traffic and website product sales.</P>
<P>Twitter headlines tips to get your online business noticed.</P>
<P>1) Keep Your Tweets Short.</P>
<P>What is interesting about Twitter is that it forces a person to convey a message within 140 characters. If your receiver re-tweets your message, room must be available so that credit is given to the person who sent the original tweet (an unwritten Twitter rule).</P>
<P>So keep in mind to shorten your url’s and use as little characters that you can. Using url shortening tools like will help greatly.</P>
<P>2) Use Universal Twitter Abbreviations and Acronyms</P>
<P>Using abbreviations and acronyms are allowed and I do not have a problem when people use them. However, as an online business owner, I feel you should always be professional and use abbreviations that do not effect your message and lessen your presence online.</P>


<P>3) Post Highly Relevant Messages</P>
<P>What I like best about Twitter is that it allows you to choose who you want to follow and who you want following you. This allows you to have a more targeted market of people that you can tweet to. So as to keep their attention, tweet about; the best, the worse, the smallest, the biggest, the easiest, the hardest etc…that relates to their interest.</P>
<P>Providing top notch information (tweets) that have EYE catching headlines will help make your message go viral.</P>
<P>4) Remain Visible</P>
<P>Keep in mind that a combination of business and non-business related tweets can build a large and loyal following. As for the percentage of each, that will be all up to you. Gauge your results for accuracy.</P>
<P>What supersedes the above is that it is important that you tweet every day, keeping in mind the time of day of your tweet and when it is best to promote and or not promote your business.</P>
<P>5) Ask questions to your followers</P>
<P>Twitter is also considered a powerful research tool. Surveys or polls or just wanting to get to know your followers better, the Twitter platform is an excellent way to gather information of all types.</P>
<P>So do not be afraid to ask open ended questions, especially when you have an established trust with your followers. Allowing your followers to get a glimpse of your business and of how serious you are about online success will attract more followers.</P>
<P>Twitter is way more than what I believe Biz Stone and his partner Jack Dorsey thought it would become.</P>
<P>Twitter has become a dream tool for business owners around the world.</P>
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