The Top Ways to Use Twitter

In many ways, Twitter is whatever you want to make of it. To those yet to embrace it it’s a way to speak into the void and see if the void speaks back. For those where Twitter has become an integral part of their lives, it serves several functions. Here are some of the more popular ways to use Twitter.

Instant Messenger
A conversation conducted in 140 character blurbs is still a conversation. With easy access to Twitter on mobile devices, more and more people are using Twitter in the way that instant messenger programs have been used on computers for years. Everything from casual conversations to more complex plans are being discussed in 140 characters or less every day.

Sounding Board/Suggestion Box
Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of your followers, or just speaking to anybody that will listen, Twitter is a great way to solicit advice from anybody and everybody on Twitter. Advice on everything from hairstyles to dinner suggestions can be found with just a few keystrokes and a few minutes of waiting.

An Extension of Your Blog
Most blog owners have Twitter accounts that are attached to them. While you may have a solid audience on your blog, the odds are good that you’re always looking for more readers. Tweeting every time you make a post is a quick and easy way to spread the word that you’ve written something new on your blog and to encourage anybody that follows you on Twitter to start following your blog as well.


Press Release/Corporate News
With the growing popularity of Twitter, more and more companies are creating corporate Twitter accounts to share company news and press releases. In addition to letting you know what’s going on with their companies, many corporate Twitter accounts also hand out discounts through contests that drive users to their sites and to spending money. Since Twitter is a free platform it costs them nothing and gains them everything.

Not only do many news stations and anchors have their own Twitter accounts that are a great way to get the latest news that’s happening locally, nationally, and internationally, but other users that you follow are often a great source of news. There have been several instances of Twitter breaking news before any network thanks to people present as a news story breaks Tweeting about it and having it spread throughout Twitter with the use of retweets and hashtags.

More and more we’re seeing humor and satire springing up on Twitter. Between fake Twitter accounts for celebrities and historical figures (@jesus is a good one) and accounts that both openly and subtly mock public figures and companies (BP is having that issue right now), everybody is quick to follow the newest, funniest Twitter account with the best sense of humor.

No matter how you want to use Twitter, you’re doing it correctly. Twitter is what you’ll make of it, and can be as big or little a part of your life as you want it to be. Social media is all about being social, and only you know how social you want to be with people you do and don’t know online.


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