Twitter Marketing – Top Four Tips to Better Promote Your Service Business on Twitter

<P>Are you a service professional who is using and wondering about Twitter marketing? Have you been using Twitter for a while, but haven’t gotten any clients or newsletters subscribers from Twitter? You can get clients and build your list with Twitter marketing, but only if you do it effectively. Read this article for my four tips on promoting your service business on Twitter.</P>
<P>Here are four tips for promoting your service business on Twitter:</P>
<P><B>1. Create An Effective Twitter Profile.</B></P>
<P>Your Twitter profile is extremely important. It tells your potential clients who want to connect with you on Twitter who you are and what you do. If you do not have enough information there that convinces them that they want to connect with you, they will move on instead of connecting. This means that information in your profile will make a difference to your potential clients, and they will connect or not connect with you based on your profile information.</P>


<P><B>2. Post On A Regular Basis.</B></P>
<P>When your potential clients connect with you, they also look at whether you have been tweeting recently. If you haven’t posted anything in a while, they will think that you are not using your Twitter account and not connect with you.</P>
<P>Make sure to post your tweets on a regular basis – share a tip, an idea, re-tweet something that someone else posted, etc.</P>
<P><B>3. Share Useful Tips.</B></P>
<P>Ask yourself – “Why should people in your target market follow you? What’s in it for them? What do they want to know?” They want tips and information, and they want solutions to their problems. When you share useful tips, they will listen and they will continue following you.</P>
<P><B>4. Invite Your Followers To Subscribe To Your Newsletter.</B></P>
<P>The best way to promote your business on Twitter is by inviting your followers to join your list. From time to time make sure to invite your followers to join your newsletter list, so that you can continue building relationships with them and let them know about your products and services.</P></DIV>
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