Using Twitter for Job Search

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<P>Do you use Twitter? It is estimated that about 200 million people now do. But what do they say in their 140 characters or less and how is it of any practical use to you?</P>
<P>You may spot that stars and celebrities are using Twitter to talk about where they are and what they are doing. There are people reporting events in their local area; in fact the national newspapers now look to Twitter to see what the general threads of news that truly interest people really are</P>
<P>In amongst all those tweets are the companies looking to market themselves. Recruitment agencies, job boards and organisations looking to fill posts directly are all using Twitter. Based on the growing amount of users and therefore great reach, combined with the fact that Twitter is free and I think this trend is only set to increase over the future months and years</P>
<P>What can you do with Twitter to make use of this great free online tool?</P>
<P>Have you heard of hash tags? A hash tag is a word that is preceded by the hash symbol – #word</P>
<P>When you use a hash tag as a search function it will call up all the tweets that focus on the theme of that hash tag. So the tweet doesn’t need to contain the keyword within the post. It just needs to have the hash tag and you will be able to find it.</P>
<P sizcache=”2″ sizset=”30″>Using <A rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4497503’]);” href=”<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4497503’]);” href=””>” rel=nofollow target=_new jQuery1301409377562=”16″></A> I did a search for #vacancy, all posts that were about vacancies showed up, even though a post said ‘Programme Director needed for London consultancy’. My search didn’t call up any posts that included the word vacancy but weren’t about job search (no hotels looking to fill rooms for example).</P>


<P>This is not to say that all vacancy posts will come up in a hash tag search. The posting person had to have included the hash tag #vacancy for that to happen, but your chances are really good!</P>
<P>You might decide that, like me, you want to look at a broad hash tag like #vacancy, #career or #jobs or you can define your search by industry #nursing, #IT or #accountants. Of course, for a much more compact search, you can use two (or more) hash tags. So you might use #nursing #jobs for example.</P>
<P>Once you have some results you can either contact the tweeter on Twitter, or there will be a website and you can follow the link and use your normal methods from there.</P>
<P>A top tip: If you do make contact on Twitter reply to the tweet rather than sending a message. There are a lot of automated emails sent via the message system on Twitter and as a result it has turned into a ‘spam’ folder which very few people ever read. For privacy go to the tweeters website and find a traditional email address or phone number.</P>
<P>Remember to keep your tweets professional and engaging. You want to create the right kind of first impression</P>
<P>Oh and you never know, if you use hash tags in your tweets you might be in a search and someone might be making contact with you! Headhunters on Twitter? Oh yes! They are everywhere;-)</P></DIV>
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Was genau ist Twitter? Wie man “twittert”, wer dabei ist und was die Anwendung so spannend macht. Eine kurze Erklärung und Anleitung zu Twitter.

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