How to Use Twitter Hashtags

<P>As many of you know, I was very slow to get on the Twitter train. In fact, the train had already left the yard and was well into its journey when I needed to hijack a stage-coach, catch up to the train, and then hopped on…this was kind of like a Family Guy episode because I have absolutely no idea how I was able to find a working stagecoach and then how I knew how to drive it? But I digress…</P>
<P>Anyway…just yesterday I learned about using Hashtags with Twitter to make the keywords of your Tweets stand out. There are a couple of benefits to using hashtags as best I can determine:</P>
<P>1. To Gain More Targeted Twitter Followers: Just like you and I (now!), people want to follow and be followed by like-minded people. For network marketers, we want to be followed by others who are either already involved in network marketing or who are interested in getting involved. One of the best ways to gain followers is to follow…most people follow back. So, by following people who use network marketing related keywords in their tweets, we can be sure that we are not being followed by the person who tweets “I’m so bored…just hanging out” and can stand a chance of reaching our target audience…Someone who has a need or want for our product or business opportunity.</P>
<P>2. To Target Followers Who Are Interested In Your Product or Program: I think everyone will agree that it’s difficult to read all of the tweets from the people you follow from your main Twitter page. I use SocialOomph to track certain keywords that I’m interested in. I assume that there are other services that do this for you as well. If you know of others, please let me know. Anyway, the Hashtag will make that keyword stand out in the tweet and make it more easily found. When you find someone who is tweeting your keyword, that is a good person to follow…they share an interest.</P>
<P>To identify your keyword in Twitter using Hashtags, you simply type # before the word. For example: “I am writing a blog post right now on how to use #Hashtags with Twitter”. Hashtags is my keyword and the pound sign identifies it as such.</P>
<P>I know the mega-Twitter Tweeters already know about using Hashtags, but I also know that I wasn’t the only person to just learn about them! If this article can help a few use Twitter more effectively, I’m happy!</P></DIV>
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