How to Incorporate Twitter Marketing Into a Business Plan

<P>The simplistic nature and accessibility of Twitter makes it one of the most versatile business tools available on the Web. Not only can Twitter marketing be highly effective, but it can also link a business to its client base easily and instantly. With help from a knowledgeable interactive marketing agency, there are numerous ways to incorporate this free microblogging platform into a business.</P>
<P><STRONG>Choose A Method Of Twitter Marketing</STRONG></P>
<P>Twitter marketing can be used to target a wide variety of people. Businesses can strengthen their relationships with existing customers through contests, customer service, coupons, and special sale events. The business’ Twitter ID can be advertised in store, on business cards, the website, and anywhere else it will get exposure. Some businesses have also found great success by offering a discount or other gift to those who follow after visiting the store or purchasing through the site.</P>
<P>To get new customers from a particular niche, businesses will first need to draw up a profile. What does this particular segment enjoy? What do they do? What unique problems do they have? From there, features such as Twitter search and location based search services can be used to find people who fall into this segment.</P>
<P><STRONG>Who Will Tweet?</STRONG></P>
<P>While this decision is often forgotten about, it can be an extremely important detail in any successful plan. The company owner or president, a staff member, or external representative from an interactive marketing agency can take over the account. However, there are pros and cons with each option, so they’ll need to be weighed carefully.</P>
<P>Company owners or presidents often find that, while they prefer to have control over what’s said, they often don’t have time in their schedules. By hiring outside personnel, a more dependable schedule can be carried out, but they also know less about the company, its products, and services. Employees often know enough about the company to tweet comfortably and answer most if not all of the questions asked. This makes them the ideal candidates for managing a Twitter account, with the support of an outside consulting who can assist in the start up of the campaign and create a strategy that would include a schedule of topics.</P>


<P><STRONG>Will The Company Adopt A Singular Or Multi-Stream Approach?</STRONG></P>
<P>Twitter marketing works both internally and externally. Companies can use it to help improve employee morale and strengthen professional bonds by allowing companies to track each other more closely. It can also be used to keep in touch with vendors, suppliers, and complementary businesses. Additionally, the microblogging platform is excellent for advertising and customer service.</P>
<P>To decide how the company will use microblogging, the business needs to decide how much freedom will be given to its employees and how much information will be made public. After all, there is little to no privacy on the platform; even private messages have been known to go to the wrong recipient or accidentally go into the main public stream. The best approach is for companies to create a corporate guide for social media in order to harness the benefits of increased employee participation while mitigating any potential risks. There is no one-size-fits all as, for example, if a company is in some type of financial services there would be concerns for privacy.</P>
<P>Using the site isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require a lot of quick and careful thinking in addition to a well-charted strategy. By working with an experienced interactive marketing agency, this free, versatile platform can become an integral part of any company’s communications and promotion plans.</P></DIV>
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