Maintain Multiple Twitter Accounts With Twitterfox

<P>Seems everybody is “Twittering” these days, from CEOs of major companies like Whole Foods to the office of the President-Elect. It isn’t unusual, either, for business owners and others with multiple interests on the Internet to have more than one Twitter account, each assigned to a different marketing purpose. While using Twitter is simple and doesn’t require too much time or energy, eventually the burden of having to sign in and out of accounts can be cumbersome. Luckily there is a new plug-in for Firefox users that can cut Twittering time in half.</P>
<P>Twitterfox installs in the lower right hand corner of your Firefox browser, and pops up a small box of recent “Tweets” to your account. What is good about this plugin is that you don’t have to view your Twitter account page to catch up on recent postings. Every time you consult the pop-up box then leave, the number of new Tweets will refresh. A small text box at the bottom allows you to post while you are elsewhere on the Internet, allowing for great multi-tasking.</P>
<P>If you operate multiple Twitter accounts, you can adjust the settings to add all of them to your Twitterfox plug-in. Then, when you wish to jump accounts to post, simple click on the profile name at the top right corner of the box and a drop-down menu with your account names will appear. Marketing your products and services via Twitter doesn’t come any easier.</P>
<P>The one caveat to using this plugin is that is it only available for use with Firefox at this time. If you are using a different browser, this gadget will unfortunately not work for you. If you are an avid Twitter user, however, it may be worth the browser switch to make good use of this micro-blogging tool.</P></DIV>
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