How to Use Twitter to Increase Sales and Increase Your Network – Part 3

<P>The social media blitz is here: Are you ready for it? Will you get left behind? Or are you in the forefront and riding the benefits of it? Will you use it to increase your sales and increase your network?</P>
<P>I have written two articles specifically on how to use twitter to increase sales and your network, and if have followed some of the tips in parts one and two, you should be reaping from the benefits. This article is part of a series, and I recommend you go back and read parts one and two before going on.</P>
<P>In this article I want to share with you the tools I personally use that have helped me reach my Twitter goals. These goals include: Increasing my network of followers by 500-1000 people per week. Increasing my sales using Twitter as well as developing relations with other Entrepreneurs and sharing ideas with them.</P>
<P>Now as you may already know, there are many companies out there that are going after your business (your wallet) to expand your Twitter Network of followers. Friend, here are a few different companies that I chose that wont cost you a dime.</P>
<P> I use this company for two free services. Both are found on their page under “Mutuality” I use the old version under Auto. It does the job! <BR>
<LI>I follow all the people who are currently following me. However, after the process is complete, I highly recommend viewing the results, and UN-follow anyone you do not want to be following. You can do this from Huitter right after the process is complete. There is always one or two I will find when I do this. Especially porn related Twitter accounts that are on there. I do not want anything to do with that garbage.


<LI>After that, I UN-follow anyone who is not currently following me. This will be a much larger number. I do this, because I am not interested in following anyone who does not want to follow me. This will keep your ratio of Followers to Following fairly even every day, and this keeps Twitter happy:) </LI></UL>After this process, I go back to my Twitter page and personally add up to 200 people daily. (Please read part 2 of this series for important specific instructions on how to do this).
<P>The other company I use, is called Now with this company there is a FREE version and a PAID version. I highly recommend the FREE version, especially for the beginners. This site has many great free benefits, such as: Scheduling Updates, Setting Up an Auto Response for everyone who Follows you. As well as Purging (cleaning out) your Direct Messages. In my next article, I will go into more detail, on specifically how I use this website to Increase Sales. I prefer keeping my articles short (attention span purpose).</P></DIV>
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