5 Best Twitter Marketing Ideas

<P>In my last article I looked at How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog Or Website, which focused on linking article directories to your Twitter profile. In this article I’d like to review 5 best Twitter marketing ideas. This information was compiled as a result of an article I read on ProBlogger.</P>
<P>You have to be serious about your project before people will really take you seriously. I make it a personal goal to write 2 articles every day. One I post to my blog while I pst the other to my website. I’ve been doing this for about 2 months now. Over time people will see how serious I am about building SEO &amp; Beyond and as a result my audience popularity will grow. However, this doesn’t apply just to me or just to Internet Marketing focus. This fact will be true for anyone who is attempting to build an audience for any niche market.</P>
<P>Remember the essay tests in school? You knew that if you wrote enough to make it look like you know what you were talking about there was a good chance you would get a good essay grade based on content alone.</P>
<P>Such is not the case here. If a person takes the time to read your article only to find…</P>
<P>-No helpful ideas -No take away content -No unique ideas</P>
<P>You can practically guarantee one major fact as being true. No future reader of your other articles.</P>
<P>Therefore, if you don’t have something to say; you’ll be more respected in the long run if you simply don’t pretend that you do.</P>
<P>My niche topic is Internet Marketing. I have become an SEO &amp; Bum Marketing expert in my own right. I know some about other areas too, such as the one that I’m writing on today. However, to say that I am a Twitter Expert or Social Networking specialist would be anything but the case. I’m learning, but I’m not afraid to ask the experts in these areas for their advice. Fact is I am creating a place on my website where experts can share their expertise with an exclusive article for their information. It’s yet to catch on so far, but considering my website is only 4 months old at time of this writing I’m more than willing to give it time.</P>


<P>Sure you want to post all your articles to Twitter. Why not. However, how do you think it looks for you to be the only poster in your profile? Kin to talking to a wall perhaps? That’s why it’s a great idea to share articles and ideas of others in your industry over your Twitter account.</P>
<P>-Be consistent -Be useful -Be original -Be open -Be informative</P>
<P>And you will be well on your way to excellent twitter marketing.</P></DIV>
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