You’d Be A Twit To Not Market Your Product On Twitter

You’ve got your product or service, spent a few bucks on a snazzy website and Blog and now you’re ready to hit the internet world….well you and 1 zillion others. So how do you make sure people find your website?

Driving traffic to your website is a creative process where you can use any number of strategies, and one very successful way is through social media sites like Twitter.

Twitter is essentially a service that allows you to share bite-sized messages (or “tweets”) of up to 140 characters long. These short snapshots give insight into people’s lives – which is part of what makes it so popular. These messages, or Tweets, are public and available to anyone interested in them. Twitter users subscribe to your messages by following your account. Followers receive every one of your messages in their timeline, a feed of all the accounts they have subscribed to.

Bloggers and internet marketers are calling Twitter a Micro-Bogging platform, and when you combine messages that are: quick to write, easy to read, public, opt-in, and accessible anywhere, you have a powerful, real-time way of communicating.

Twitter allows you to send and receive updates directly on their website or via instant messaging, SMS, RSS, email, or through a wide-variety of third-party applications.

It’s a place to network, connect, and communicate. If you’re an Internet marketer, you get to hang out with other marketers. If you’re a muscian, you can connect with other muscians. If you’re a book geek, you can meet other book geeks

What is pretty amazing about Twitter is that its a service primarily for friends, families and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick and frequent answers to the one simple question: What are you doing?

Naturally in today’s world where worldwide communication is a natural daily phenomena, the answer to that question varies greatly. Where one person may tweet they are watching the sunset, from the other side of the world, a follower may tweet that they are watching the sun rise.


Aside from the huge scope for world-wide communication and interaction of people into each others moment to moment lives, Twitter is also becoming a social media marketing tool.

Companies use Twitter to get the word out about new products and companies all over the world. Some examples are Apple and Intel. Mr. Obama alone has over 8000 followers.

When used effectively Twitter can be a fantastic and essential tool for your business. Here are some key steps to making the most out of your Twitter account:

Import contacts:

Obvious but true

Make the most out of your profile page:

Put a link to your website.
Use keywords so other people can find you (Target)
Add a picture and some information about your company. This adds a personal touch and creates a sense of familiarity

Get real about what Twitter is all about:

Twitter is not exclusively a marketing tool it is a social tool, so whatever you do DON’T SPAM.
Be an active participant in the community by commenting and posting frequently. Ideally to get the most out of your posts, post information that people will actually want to read, something to motivate, inspire and engage people.
Connect up with other social media websites, so that when you tweet something it shows up on your blog and Facebook and vice versa.

Tally up the numbers of followers:

Put a link to ‘follow me’ in twitter in your email signature, forum signature, website and even your business cards.
Invite people to follow you on Twitter after each blog you post.
Find Twitter users you really look up to and see who is following them – once they see you are following them they will follow you.
Use Twitter directories to find who is likely to follow you e.g just tweeted or follow.
Use the search feature to find profiles you want to follow.
Use Twitters RSS feeds to be notified every time a Tweet is made using a certain keyword.

Watch your following-followers ratio and try to have a balance between who you follow and people who follow you:

If 2000 people follow you and you only follow ten followers then you people may see you as a lazy, selfish,  snob. In the same way if only ten people follow you and you follow 2000 people then you will be seen as the classic spammer to stay away from…in fact to delete.
Make use out of tools to help you manage your twitter account. Friend or Follow is  a useful one to balance the followers and following.

Make the content worthwhile:

Make it worth while for people to follow you.
Be prepared and have a plan about what you intend to promote. Be focused about it.
BUT …. don’t go too far and over promote your product.

Social Social Social!!!:

Get in there and create and participate conversation. A good talker can swing things their way in a converation, so be the life of the party, conference, gathering. Be an interesting and great cyper conversationalist. The charasmatic sales man always gets more results.

Get an education from the best of them:

Find 10 to 20 users with more than 350 followers and see what they are doing   right. Learn from that and follow…

Now drive that traffic to your website and be at the top of the zillion other internet users!

Demet Dayanch is the senior marketing manager for Seawave Media Limited, the UK’s number one provider of consumer lifestyle survey data and lifestyle survey leads. Demet was born in London, UK where she spent most of her life. She currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. A student of psychology and lover of people she understands the human mind and heart – what motivates and inspires humanity, in life as well as in the world of consumerism. Before her role as senior marketing manager for Seawave Media Limited she worked as a freelance copywriter for an international advertising agency where she utilized her creative writing talent to come up with catchy headlines and text for advertising campaigns. When she is not absorbed in the world of marketing she turns her attention to writing of all sorts and has published many articles, short stories and poems. She has successfully written two novels: ABON and Beauty Stone, both of which are in the final editing stages. Always on the go, her new challenge of script writing keeps her on her toes. Knowledgeable, determined, Driven and fun are just some of her keywords. Her writing style is informative, personal and entertaining. To find out more about Seawave Media please visit our website or call Tulip, senior sales manager, on 0845 056 3593, or 07053 544966 or email

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