How to Making Money Online with $10 bucks

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Video Rating: 4 / 5 Keyword research is covered in this video, specifically picking profitable keywords for building websites that are designed to promote a single or set of affiliate offers. Keep in mind this type of keyword research does not involve researching your competition because the phrases we go after are long tail keywords, and generally don’t have a lot of competition. Also, keep in mind that 50% of all searches are unique, so we’re building our website around a core group of buyer keywords that will bring in traffic for all sorts of keyword variations. Lastly, we’re not focusing on getting a ton of visitors, rather getting the right kind of visitors to our website aka buyers. You’ll find a lot of controversy surrounding keyword selection and research; everyone has their own system. This is for a particular type of website, and is not the best approach for authority style sites. Cheers, Scott
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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6 Responses to “How to Making Money Online with $10 bucks”

  1. ebrevolution says:

    Cool Video! Visit my channel for more marketing tips.

  2. ProfitActivity says:

    @designtech44 – it depends. You have to take the estimated traffic with a grain of salt. I’ve gotten number one for keywords that had enormous search volume according to Google only to find 10 visitors / day when I got there. I’ve found the reverse as well for keywords that had little search volume that ended up being really good ones. The strategy I showed here is more concerned with getting “buyer traffic”, whatever the amount we get vs. “a lot of any traffic” …

  3. designtech44 says:

    hey I appreciate how through you are with your research. But I’m just thinking to ask, “these keywords represent your success?” If I build a site about a product that is being searched for 30K times a month, then that means my site will be visited a lot by these searchers, Yes?

  4. luv6pup says:

    Well done! Thumbs up!

  5. ProfitActivity says:

    @Films4You – Appreciate the comment; however, while there certainly is junk on ClickBank (just like any other affiliate marketplace that sells info) – there is also a lot of quality, too. ClickBank is just a medium for publishers and advertisers to connect, and doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the offer.

  6. Films4You says:

    Good video but

    I think ClickBank try to sell cheap junk that makes money for the original seller.

    e.g. “1,000,000 hits by pressing one button”, JUNK, etc…