How to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

There are many affiliate marketing examples out there on the internet. Granted most of them are safely hidden away in guides which you have to spend on to get access, but anyway. This article will hopefully provide you with a few good solid affiliate marketing examples, that won’t cost you a penny, and which you can start implementing straight away.

Affiliate marketing is so great, because it scales so well. I like it because someone could put just a couple of hours a week in and earn a few extra hundred in pocket money each month, or the person who makes it his or her full or part time job and generates a full on income with it. Whatever you want to do with affiliate marketing, it’s possible for your situation and what you want to achieve.

Anyway, let’s skip straight to the affiliate marketing examples!

First example: Article Marketing

Niche Market > Targeted Traffic > Article > Website > Affiliate Product > Sales!

Article marketing (or content marketing) means writing articles (like this one) targeting specific keywords. The article then links through to your website which then goes through to the affiliate program that you are promoting. If a sale is successful, you get money! This example is great for people who don’t have much budget to work with, or those that want to gain good backlinks.

Second example: PPC Marketing

Niche Market > Targeted Traffic > Advert > Website > Affiliate Product > Sales!

PPC Marketing involves marketing via the search engines. You pay for ads, as in ads which appear when people search for certain keywords. The person then clicks on your ad which then goes to your website and on to your affiliate product. Again, if a sale is made, you get money! This is the best way to make your business into a full time one.

How are the affiliate marketing examples going so far? Two more…

Third example: Email Marketing

Niche Market > Targeted Traffic > Article/PPC Advert > Website > Email List > Affiliate Product > Sales!

This is a great way to really power things up. The person visits your website via articles or PPC ads, signs up to your email list, and you email them with an autoresponder. This is a great way to build up a solid income. You could have thousands on your list, and you may send out an email from time to time. If the people on your list are targeted traffic, then you could earn significant amounts of money from one email.


Forth example: Forum Marketing

Niche Market > Forum > Postings > Website > Affiliate Product > Sales!

This is a way of promoting in forums which are related to your niche market. You can’t do any real promoting in your postings, rather have a little ad in your signature, which means if thousands read your postings, you have potentially got a nice little earner right there.

So there we are. My top four affiliate marketing examples, in article, PPC, email and forum marketing. Yes, it takes a bit of effort to really get going. But once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited this long!

We have examined in a previous article how to find a Marketing Niche to target for your Affiliate Marketing promotions.

The next step is to find top Affiliate marketing programs in your chosen niche.

We start our search by looking into Affiliate Marketing networks which are important links between vendors and affiliates. There also single companies which offer successful affiliate marketing programs, but it is usually easier to find profitable programs by searching the affiliate marketing networks.

We examine especially Clickbank affiliate programs because Clickbank is currently the most known Affiliate Marketing Network, but you could extend your search to other important marketing networks such as Amazon, Click2Sell, CJ, Plimus, Tradedoubler and PayDotCom. Sometimes it is useful to add to a main information product also some related pysical products such as Amazon books.

Some networks such as Tradedoubler offer mainly physical products, whereas other ones such as Clickbank and PayDotCom offer information and digital products. The commission percentage is usually higher for the info and digital products (up to 75%), but some Affiliates have good success and profits also with physical products.

We look below especially for Clickbank Affiliate products and we suggest following steps:

a) Access the Marketplace option. You will be able to see a list of categories such as Arts, Business/Investing, Computers/Internet and many others. Select a suitable category for your chosen niche and interests and you will see a list of products which you can promote as an affiliate.

b) For each product you will see a short description, useful statistics and links such as the product pitch page, the vendor spotlight and a promote button which allows you to get your hoplink for the promotion of the affiliate product.

d) Among the statistics you should especially consider the $ /sale which is the commission amount that you will receive for each affiliate sale, Future $ is the average amount that an affiliate will make for recurring billing products, % sale is the commission rate of the product, %refd is the percentage of sales referred by affiliates and the gravity which is a number which represents the average number of different affiliates who received a commission for this product is the past 8 weeks. Very popular products have usually a high gravity, but this is also an indication that there are many competing affiliates and this could make your sales more difficult.

The above data should be allow you to single out good candidate products such as higher paying affiliate marketing programs and possibly affiliate programs which offer future recurring commissions and which have many affiliate sales. Once you have your initial list of the best affiliate marketing products you can find additional useful formation by using other tools such as those of

As a final point, I would advice you to try to keep focus. The promotion of each product that you choose will require time and efforts and normally results do not appear immediately. You should try to avoid selecting too many products and keep instead your focus and your promotion efforts on a manageable number of products.

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