Twitter is Dead

Why get twitter followers if Twitter is dead?

Old school media believes us social marketers are on planet mars.  Hmmm….looking out the windows and it looks like good old planet earth to me.  So do you think these old timers who make up the old-school marketing world are right?  How can it be, Oprah tweets and I know for a fact that if she is doing it, then it must be a useful pursuit.  They say this is just another passing fad and if you really want to get serious about building your business then you better get back to the tried and proved strategy of print and broadcast media.

Widen your marketing muscle with more twitter followers.

What I believe is that they are right and wrong.  Social media hasn’t changed the marketing landscape, but marketing can’t go back to the way it was, the landscape has totally been changed and the intelligent marketers, and by smart,I mean “you”.  The fact that you are here learning all you can shows that your different and pursuit of knowledge makes you brilliant.  So fully grasp that marketing principles are the same, but the tools used to market have changed and they are never going to go back to the way it use to be.


You must have the five P’s of marketing built into your twitter followers strategy.  Twitter alone will not increase your income as an affiliate marketer, but when you fuse getting twitter followers with the proven and tested five P’s of marketing you have a recipe for success.  Five P’s, product, price, place (distribution), promotion and people.

Applying Old-School marketing with getting massive twitter followers.

Use simple techniques to target your twitter followers who are your future customers.  A cool site to help you find people who might be interested in what you have is twitterment.comIf you tweet about pertinent content that your followers or target customer care about, then they will follow you back and you will get twitter followers on auto-pilot.Create a spiderweb effect marketing campaign around your product or service linking everything together.

Create a spiderweb effect to reach a massive audience.

What do I mean by that, use a blog, facebook, myspace, linked in etc… and have them all link together to inviting people to join your networks and groups.Write superior content for your blog and tweet these messages out to your twitter followers.  If your content is good you will get twitter followers in droves.Hope you enjoyed this post on why twitter is not dead, and pursue broadening your reach with your twitter followers.


Peter Plourde

Co-founder of Insomnia Marketing Group

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