10 Take-Aways to get more Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a highly active and popular media site and everyone loves to increase followers to their account. Different ways are followed to increase this follow. Regular and active tweeting can attract lot of attention which can be effectively used to promote any social cause, market a product or raise response in support of particular issue. Here are some of the important tips which can help.

10 Takeaways to get more followers on twitter

Increase traffic: Just as you toil to enhance traffic on your website, similarly try to increase as much traffic to your twitter account. Treat the twitter account as you treat your website.
Good tweets on the first page: Post good tweets on the initial page as people usually get attracted by the initial texts. Even if you are not going to be active for couple of days, delete the other tweets and place the good ones on the front. Make sure the tweets are not too less as people expect much more content.
Make use of ‘tweet this’ button: Always make sure that you are using ‘tweet this’ button especially below those tweets which you feel can be infecting enough to attract attention.
Twitter contests: You can also organize a twitter competition to increase your followers on your blog. The responses will depend upon what you will be offering as the prize.
Link with website: Get your twitter account linked to any famous or happening website.
Make use of your website: If you have a website of your own use the ‘follow up’ button to direct the traffic to your twitter account. This will certainly increase the traffic on your twitter account.
Printing on visiting card: A visiting card is circulated throughout your clients and business circles. Along with your website address if the twitter account URL link too is also printed on the visiting card, people interested in your business will definitely visit your account on twitter to explore their knowledge on you.
Participating in contests: Twitter regularly organizes different competitions. You can participate in these contests and leave a message so that other fellow participants can follow you. Being an active participant in different contests held by twitter is a certain way of increasing followers.
Using twitter URL in SMS: We regularly send SMS to so many people. One certain way of enhancing your followers is using the twitter account URL at the end of every SMS. This way you can circulate the twitter account details to everyone in your contact and they will naturally check upon you if they too are active on twitter.
Tweet regularly: Participate in tweeting and re-tweeting activity regularly. Once you re-tweet on one account, the followers of that account may notice you too and can follow you as well. This way you can get interconnected followers in huge numbers and increase your following.

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