Twitter Tools Go Head To Head ? TweetAdder vs. Twittenator

Certain tools can make your marketing experience on Twitter a walk in the part or you can choose to make it a manual labor nightmare. Some things are better off being automated or streamlined as much as possible. This includes the ability to add targeted followers and scheduling your tweets. This can be a HUGE time saver for you in your business marketing.

I will be comparing two such tools that are said to do such things; TweetAdder & Twittenator

TweetAdder – is a powerful Twitter friend adder, and Twitter marketing management tool designed to increase your Twitter account’s power, authority, and web site traffic, by automatically following Twitter users by: keyword, bio keywords, tweet keywords, and by location. Tweet Adder includes features such as automated tweets, follower ratio monitoring, dm’s (direct messages), auto nofollow, link shortening, Twitter Trends, proxy support, and much more! Promote your business and services on Twitter to generate new fans, leads and viewership.  It’s an excellent way to find and follow Twitter users interested in your niche, business, website, blog or service. In other words, if I have a cooking blog or cooking related service, I would locate a Twitter user that may have similar niche as myself, or maybe even a competitor. Tweet Adder program has the functionality to import and automatically follow followers of another Twitter user. Where else can you go into a room of people already interested in you, or find all of your competitors clients?


Some features are:

* Find Like Minded Twitter Followers in Seconds

* Auto Follow up to 1000 Targeted Profiles per Day

* Get up to 500 new Twitter followers per day per profile

* Multiple Accounts, Unlimited Twitter Profiles & Chaining

* Automate Twitter Posts, Scheduled Tweets, Stay active without actually being active

* Automate Scheduled Direct Messages

* Auto Unfollow, VIP Safe List

* Best Twitter Search, including Global Location and Multi Language Searches

* Set it and Forget It! Runs Daily, Automatically

* How to Set up Multiple Twitter Accounts in Tweet Adder

* Get Targeted Twitter Followers by Following Another User’s Followers

Twittenator – this marketing system basically lays out a clearly described step by step plan for creating a viable long term business, mainly through the generation of traffic using Twitter. Any online business that wants to be viable and profitable over the long term needs to have an effectively thought out marketing plan, which is exactly what this package provides. By following the instructions of this system and making use of the Twittenator software, you can enhanced the amount of traffic that you get across all niche websites. One powerful function that this software allows you to do through Twitter is that of building your own lists. Most other current list building methods would require you to set up a website and put up an opt-in form on the site in order to collect your subscribers’ details. With Twitter, you no longer need to set up any landing page if you want to start building a list. People who use Twitter can start collecting followers from the moment they set up their account. Results have shown that lists built with Twittenator convert just as well if not better than other traditional forms of list building. By using this automated software, you can expect to be building huge lists and making money within a much shorter period of time.

Some features are:

* Easy to load and operate

* Grow unlimited Twitter Accounts

* Automated promotion scheduling

* Pre-Written Tweets for marketing

* Custom Quotes and Social Marketing Messages allows you to enter into the social conversation

* Add your own unlimited number of tweets

* Automatic lifetime updates and upgrades. Your software is never out of date

* Newbie Friendly

The Verdict: Both programs are useful  and work very well, plus they each perform the tasks they advertise. For my time, money and ease of use the winner in this Head To Head battle goes to TweetAdder.


Former Big 3 employee turned internet marketing & SEO pro.

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