Search Ad Industry Grows – Google Loses MarketShare (To Twitter)

<P>I recently had a guest post on Twitip, a guide to Twitter which is hosted by Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger. In said post I gave some tips and details about Twitter search for users. What I’d like to address here at my blog is what the rise of Twitter search could mean for advertisers.</P>
<P>We already know that Twitter search is very effective; however, we have yet to see how Twitter will incorporate advertising, or any business model, into search. They’ve stated they’re not interested in traditional advertising, so it’s a bit intriguing to ponder about what they might do. Whatever they do, I’m more interested in what they should do. Would targeted text based advertising be effective at producing conversions for advertisers? I think it would, because I think Twitter search has the power to be even more relevant (relevancy being the supposed driving force behind search ad success) than standard web searching.</P>
<P>There are some really interesting things going on behind the scenes here. I think most people have gotten comfortable with the idea of Google taking over the internet and dominating the search scene forever. We need to remember how Google came onto the scene. We need to recall the history of business, and the history of the internet. In short, I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter launched a search advertising platform that is successful for advertisers and takes a large portion of the search market from Google forcing big G to either buy Twitter or do some fancy footwork to reposition themselves. Either way, it will be interesting. As Kevin Kelley said, “we have to get good at believing in the impossible.”</P></DIV>
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