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which are pretty complementary while using twitter and twitter would have been incomplete without them. You as a user have got different purposes for being online and being a part of twitter. Your purposes or reasons can be different like some must be using it for personal use, others for promotion of their business, celebs for the purpose of connecting with their fans and some fans are their who have their main aim of usage to be connected with their favorite celeb.

Who ever you are, whatever is your purpose, twitter has for really unique things and lets discuss some tips that you may not be aware about twitter. Here are some things about twitter which might be unfamiliar to you but you must definitely get your hands over them.

Twitter has got API authorization a compulsion for apps and API connections as to regulate and keep an eye to keep your social networking experience free from scams. We know that twitter gets flooded with scams coming in every week that too be unsuspected users. So, its a great way to avoid those scams. Check out your connections on Twitter to see that everything out there seems to be legitimate.

Twitter provides you with several widgets which are developed by them themselves apart from the 3rd party apps and widgets which are available on the website. You can get widgets like recent tweets, starred tweets, popular tweets, favorite tweets and you can put them up on your blog, website or anywhere on the web where you feel like. It’s a great sharing tool and it’s extremely easy to use. Just check out the widgets section of the website for more details over these twitter made widgets.

Use RSS to stay connected to many blogs and websites via twitter and getting their latest updates right onto your twitter account. If you’ve been using something like google reader for this purpose before then it is likely to happen that you’ll miss on some stuff or the other but if you go for this twitter RSS option then you won’t have to miss on anything. It’ll be right into your account the moment it’s published on the web. Business can import the RSS to make reports and all for internal usage by the business.

You can get more out of your twitter’s favorite tweets and can use the google reader’s RSS option to go through all the tweets which you marked as ‘favorite’ anytime you feel like. It’s like a tweet bookmarking service with all the controls and power in your hand. Checkout “{twitter name}.rss” while replacing twitter name with your user name as to see the tweets that you marked as favorite while surfing through the tweets.

There are many ways of using twitter, and you’re the one who has to find those innovative ways and use this platform the way you desire.

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