How to Generate Traffic Using Twitter

How to generate traffic using Twitter is something people have been trying to figure out since Twitter was first introduced.  Most site owners wonder how much you can expect to do in 140 characters or less.  They were not wondering how to generate traffic using Twitter they were wondering if Twitter can really generate any traffic it at all.

The short answer is you can generate traffic using Twitter.  In fact you may be surprised at how an effective Twitter marketing campaign can draw traffic and sales to your website.

How to Generate Traffic Using Twitter – What to Tweet

The first step in how to generate traffic using twitter is to first determine what you are going to tweet.  What pearls of wisdom will you share with your Twitter followers?  First and foremost, a word of warning – do not tweet endlessly about your products and services.  If you do you will not have followers and you will gain very minimal traffic from Twitter.

Twitter marketing experts use the 80-20 rule when teaching clients how to generate traffic using Twitter.  80% of your postings should be useful information or entertaining to your followers.  20% at most should be direct attempts to sell or promote your products or services.

You can find virtually unlimited information to post on Twitter to help you fill the 80% of your posts that are not directly about your products and services.  You can post links to amusing videos or blog postings that may interest your followers.

An effective Twitter marketing plan should also include humor.  You can make money on Twitter if you sustain a long relationship with your followers.  Humor goes a long way in keeping them interested in your tweets.  You do not have to be a comedian or comedienne.  You can easily find funny quotes, images, cartoons, videos and more to share with your followers.

How to Generate Traffic Using Twitter – Your Promotional Tweets

The 20% of your tweets that will be direct promotions need to capture your followers’ interest in fewer than 140 characters.  This may not be so easy but it is how to generate traffic using Twitter.  If done properly you can make money on Twitter.

When you are creating the promotional tweets you want to entice your followers to read more.  You do not have to say it all in one tweet.  Do not try to close a sale in under 140 characters.  Just give them enough information to want to click on the accompanying URL.

Grab their attention quickly.  Some samples:

Acme Company – Widgets – TOTALLY FREE (then when they get to your site you mention totally free shipping, or a free sample, free gift with purchase, etc)
A Sale So Huge You Won’t Believe It
You Can’t Tweet This – Blow Out Sale
Don’t Click on This Link

The key is you want your Twitter marketing to be catchy.  You have 140 characters to get them to click on a link and go to your site.  Your website is where you want to do your heavy sales pitch.

How to Generate Traffic Using Twitter – How Often do I Tweet?

You want to tweet at least several times per day.  Staying active on Twitter is how you make money on Twitter.  Establishing followers and giving them information, entertainment and promotions will help transform Twitter into a business source.

A good rule of thumb is to tweet at least five times per day.  One tweet per hour would be great for a business.  When you have more time you can put more tweets up.  Try to remember the 80/20 rule so you are engaging in effective Twitter marketing so you can make money on Twitter.

Now you know the basics of how to generate traffic using Twitter…..TAKE ACTION!!!

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