Why is There a Continued Debate on Facebook and Twitter?

Seems like every other month or so there’s a resurgence to the debate on which is better to market with or use, Facebook or Twitter. To put it simply there is no need for such a debate. There are two different systems and are used completely differently.

Yes both Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms, and they are both meant to develop relationships, followings, friends and connect with like minded people. However, if you treat the two exactly the same, you will see different results with both.

I continually here more and more people saying that they’re leaving Twitter, Twitter doesn’t work, it’s only a fad and Facebook will rule all. Almost sounds like “Lord of the Rings” one site to rule them all.

This completely baffles me as I I look at the continued growth of Twitter, the number of people and businesses that continue to use it, and the number of success stories I hear about through the use of Twitter.

At the same time you hear the same stories on Facebook. What you don’t find, is many that are successful on both platforms. If they are, you can easily analyze the difference in how they use the two platforms.

Another reason for people wanting to leave Twitter and go to Facebook, I think has more to do with the hot trend of Facebook Pay-Per-Click marketing going on at the moment. That I believe has more to do with the Google Slaps than anything else.  We could very well be hearing stories of the Facebook slaps by next year.

Facebook allows for more open and longer conversations, it has the ability to share in house the videos, pictures and some content of your life. It also allows for more people to get in a single conversation opening up a continued discourse.

Many people find this to be the main reasons why Facebook is so much better than Twitter. Others will simply only use Twitter as a gateway to Facebook. Meet them on Twitter and try to force them over to Facebook from there. Keeping Twitter entirely automated.

There in-lies part of the rub. If you have Twitter entirely automated, you’re forgetting about the social aspect of it. Twitter offers a real-time search function for what people are asking about, wondering about, talking about. Facebook doesn’t allow for that. If you categorize your followers into different lists and groups breaking down the flow of information coming through, you can better engage with those that you’re following allowing you to pinpoint their needs, help out when you can and add value to their lives.

Facebook is a little harder to categorize your friends and break down the different categories that way. Facebook also limits you to 5000 friends, then you have to move on to a Fan Page.  Some people don’t like Fan page’s unless the person really is a type of celebrity.  And many people even with 5000 friends are far from that Fan Fair status to have a successful page. Other new people are driven straight to a fan page, and feel funny liking a fan page of someone they don’t even know. By using the term fan you’re putting a whole new level to the relationship.

Twitter allows for more ability to recommend your followers to others, through the invention of #FollowFriday. I have never seen something like that on Facebook, where I tell all my friends to friend another person. Again friendship sometimes has a little more importance labeled on it than simply following.

The biggest thing though is that, because of the difference between Facebook and Twitter, you can’t use them the same way. You have different conversations on Twitter than you do Facebook, you connect differently, you share differently. If you’re trying to do the same thing with both, only one will show results and you’ll want to blame the other service for your lack of results.

You should be treating and interacting with the two differently. I myself, have much more success with Twitter than I do Facebook, partly is due to my personality, partly is the people I’m following as opposed to my friends on Facebook. I also spend more time on Twitter than I do Facebook. I also spend zero time on any of the games that Facebook offers, have blocked all the frilly content messages and get only spam in my inbox.

Another reason why I favor Twitter over Facebook is that I have many more tools at my disposal for clearing out those that I don’t want to hear from, that are only broadcasting and trying to shove their opportunity at me.  Facebook I don’t have as much freedom to easily scrub my list of the spammers, and because of the amount of spam, I tend to shy away from it more. Where I’ve been easily successful in eliminating that with Twitter allowing me to share value in my followers and those that I follow.

Everyone has different results and different preferences. Mine obviously is Twitter over Facebook, and I’m in a minority. But just because I’m in the minority doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or that it’s not effective. It just means more people haven’t figured out the differences themselves to have similar effects as those that are successful with it.

Overall I don’t think there should be a debate. Only a realization that not everything is right for everyone and that Facebook and Twitter are equally two different entities that need to be treated as such.

What side of the fence are you on? Which do you prefer Facebook or Twitter and Why? Tell me below by leaving a comment.


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