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Tweeting guide to that different applications

Twitter has been making a notch on its own.  Experience the fun and excitement with Twitter, maybe it’s time for you to try it.  This is a great micro-blogging community wherein you connect around with a simple post or tweet.  For those who are already into the stream of Twitter, how about twitter applications for your mobile phone?


Let Twitter breathe!

Technology becomes a frightening experience especially if you are not properly informed.  Learning something new is sometimes scary; it must be so hard to operate, right? This question is the commonality among the first time users.  Just break through the ignorance and set up a Twitter account, shall we? Anyway it’s for free!  You’ll never get the chance to know if you will not try it.


Here are the lists of some of the Twitter applications

-          TweetDeck.  Follow people using this tool.  This allows you to group people whom make their tweet well planned and organized.  Tweet Deck will provide good flow for your tweets, like an air traffic control for Twitter.

-           TwellowT.  Find hundreds of categories and advanced search features to find those people whom you like to follow.  This is Twitter’s yellow page directory.  Very useful in tracking down the influential personalities in Twitter.  You will find it easy to follow anyone you are interested in and the best part is that you can be registered there for free.

-         SocialOomph. You can send automated Twitter messages to new followers.  Check out this site for more features it offers.

-          Bubble Tweet. This site allows you to send video notes to your Twitter followers making your tweet more exciting and fun.

-          Twollo.  This is a keyword-based tool that allows you to get more targeted Twitter followers than you can possibly imagine.  A plug and play system.  Set it up and go.

-          Twitter Karma. This application allows you to remove and add followers.  Free registration to a useful Twitter tool but of course there’s a limitation to it.

-          TwitterFriendAdder. Target specific followers with this tool.  It allows you to easily remove and add Twitter followers depending on your discretion.

-          TwitPic. This application lets you share pictures on Twitter, a very interesting way to post a tweet.

-          TwitterGrade. This will help you measure the power of your Twittering, You can check on the power of your twitter activities.

-          TwitterCounter. Compare one account with another with this tool.  Equate the number of followers, friends, and number of updates.


I am sharing this article to help you with some ideas that are useful to twitter users.  It will make your twittering a more enjoyable experience.  Twitter marketing that works!  Try to understand how it works and give it a chance.

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