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I have some twitter apps.First of all I’ll tell that what type of twitter app? Who I have. You know twitter is world 2nd number social networking website. Facebook is 1st but twitter is better then facebook in my thinking.If you are use twitter so you need some twitter apps. I’ll give you twitter if you want.

Here is details of Twitter Apps:

Twitter 360

It’s just few name of twitter apps. So I will tell you that how to use this twitter app.Here is details of Twitter Apps..

Tollower :- Tolloweris a tool that allows you to manage your Twitter followers, Tollower is created for small Twitter accounts which hasn’t more than 1000 followers, you can easily mass un-follow whom are not following you back, and follow tweeps who are tweeting about a topic you’re interested in..I think is good tool of twitter app..

Tweeting Machine :- Tweeting Machine also good tool of twitter. Tweeting Machine is web service for automating the usage of Twitter. It has 6 main features: schedule tweets, create queues of updates, tweet website feeds, auto follow new followers, tweeps finder and auto replying.

Twite Desktop :- Twite Desktop is also web servise but is better then of tweeting machine. TwiteDesktop is web service to share your desktop screenshots with others on Twitter. You can check last shared desktop screenshot on the website with ratings.

Twitter 360 :- Twitter 360 is a cool iPhone 3GS app that visualizes your Twitter friends tweets located in your nearby environment. It uses the Augmented Reality functionality using the iPhone camera.You can tweet with the application and view nearby tweets of your friends using the iPhone camera. For further tweets you can view them in Google Maps. More details in the video and the screen shots.

Twiffo :- Twiffo is a service to tweet up to 14000 characters on twitter. Its same work of TwiteLonger and Twitzer

So It’s litle bit summary. If you want full knowledge about this application so you can try my Twitter App

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Here is your Twitter App

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A new way to cause mischief quickly spread through short-messaging service Twitter Tuesday morning before the site could fix the problem, as mysterious “tweets” of blocked-out text propagated themselves and caused popup windows to open. (Sept. 21)
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