Share Video and Photos to get more followers in Twitter

There are plenty of third party Twitter applications and Twitter tool that you can choose from in sharing your pictures and videos.  These applications has the capacity of storing photos and sharing application features, so it’s now time for you to experience that fun in sharing picture and hype up those twittering activities with video files.   Share Twitter images and uploads Twitter video clips using different applications, it’s your choice!


Here are some of the lists that you can use in your Twittering



TwitPic.  Perhaps the most well-known Twitter tools for sharing photos; it shortens the URL and updates your Twitter profile with a link. Upload that amazing photo; create posts to go along with it.


Twitgoo.  Share images on Twitter with this simple service.  Upload an image from your computer to your Twitgoo.  Include a message and it will be posted on your Twitter profile.


TweetPhoto.  You can enjoy its advanced features such as Stats, geo-tagging, retweeting, etc.


Twicli.   This is a little more sophisticated than basic photo-sharing tools.  Numerous file types are supported, including photos, video and audio.  Tag friends and followers in uploaded media for a personal sharing touch versus a basic tweet.


Pikchur.   You can use your mobile phone, or any other mobile device to post your pics, and Pikchur takes care of broadcasting them all over the social web for you!  URL are shortened to add advantages of uploading images, documents and videos.  You can access your up loader content and provide easy social networking sharing with the shortened URL.


Yfrog.  A more inclusive way of sharing is from Yfrog.  Created for sharing images through your Twitter profile, wider approach to provide you access from your Yfrog account from other Twitter applications as well.  Yes! You can use Yfrog through Twitterific, Seesmic and other third party Twitter applications.


TwitPickr.  It actually combines multiple APIs from numbers of social media outlets to come up with a tool for adding your TwitPic photos to Flickr.  Register using your Twitter name.  TwitPickr is twittering to another level as it give importance to the need for multi-platform support when it comes to social media.


MobyPicture.  It is a tool that allows you to upload text, audio and video to multiple networks, Twitter included.  It supports a number of micro blogging and blogging platforms, with its multiple social networks.


Here are some lists of video sharing websites

Tweetube.  It provides very easy and fun way to share videos and picture on Twitter, you can share YouTube videos and websites from tweetube using bookmarklet feature.

Ffwd.  It has recently added video sharing feature for Twitter because of its popularity.  Create your web channel for video and surf video.  It has a share button feature that allows you to add video to your created channel with ease and comfort.

Youtube.  It is the most popular video sharing site in the world.  Just connect your Twitter account on the Activity Sharing page and your ready to share uploaded videos from You Tube and it will be posted on your profile on Twitter.

TwitVid.  Sign up with TwitVid using your Twitter OAuth or your Twitter user name and password, you can upload, record, and send your video through email with email address provided by TwitVid.  This is also best for iPhone and Blackberry application.

12seconds.  That is why it is called the 12 seconds, you are allowed 12 seconds video to upload, record, and to send visual clips, it can either be through email or from mobile phone application.

Qik.  It is an application that Works for many kinds of mobile phones, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, and so on. Use the media card in recording and uploading videos.

yFrog.  Sign up in yfrog with your Twitter account, whether from your computer or mobile phone, you can upload and record a new video and sending them to the email address yfrog offers.

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