Free Twitter Tools: Tools For Twitter to Automate, Systmatize, and Amass Thousands of Followers!

Okay, so I’ll admit it. I wasn’t the first to jump on this Twitter Bandwagon. I just didn’t understand the point of it. C’mon… what can someone possibly say in just 140 characters?

Twitter itself is a microblog. I consider is a condensed personal website: a place for me to share my thoughts, feelings, recommendations and insights, while connecting with like minded individuals.

In a few minutes per day, you can amass hundreds if not thousands of followers in a matter of weeks. In fact, I’ve only been actively using twitter for one month, and I already have 2000 followers! Can you believe that?

But like anything I look for tools.

Free Twitter Tools that can help us systematize, automate, customize… the whole works!

I found some great tools that I wanted to share with you today with how to implement twitter in your day-to-day life, without becoming a nusance or a hassle.

Free Twitter Tool #1 – TweetDeck

I had no idea HOW to navigate twitter or retweet or DM or whatchamacallit til I downloaded TweetDeck. It’s an application you can have going on in the background of your computer that puts your twitter account into easy to read columns. Column one is your following’s tweets. Column two is incoming messages/retweets. Column three is private direct messages (or DM’s).

You can also tweet directly from TweetDeck, customize with beautiful colors, and interlink with Facebook status updates.

Free Twitter Tool #2 – TweetLater

Ahhh…the productivity tool for busy tweeple.
~ Schedule tweets for a specific day and time. “Set it and forget it!”
~ Track keywords in tweets
~ Automate DM’s to new followers of yours
~ Unfollow those who unfollow you – automatically!
~ Purge your DM inbox to keep it tidy
… and so much more!

I love TweetLater because I am able to schedule my set tweets for the day. These include specific quotes, blogs, articles, Bible verses that I want to share. Systematically and consistently each day. Then, throughout the day and week, I can go in my twitter and add random tweets and talk to people… but I’m not being sporadic. I find that consistency/practicability works best with Social Media.

Free Twitter Tool #3 – BubbleTweet

You just have to see this. Check out my friend Kary making a BubbleTweet.

Free Twitter Tool #4 – Custom Twitter Backgrounds

I read it best: “Generic is only good for prescriptions!”

Twitter currently offers 12 stock backgrounds along with pleasing preset colors for the elements on the page. You can also modify the colors of the overall background, text, links, sidebar background and the sidebar border. The first thing any twitter user should do is CHANGE the generic background, unless you don’t like standing out from the crowd, in which case you can stop reading now.

Switching backgrounds and changing the color palette of your Twitter page is easy to do. Simply select “Settings” in the top row of links on your Twitter page, click on the “Design” tab and then either select a “theme” or click on “Change background image” or “Change design colors” and get creative.

Don’t worry about goofing anything up. Any changes you make will not be visible to anyone but you until you click “save”. It doesn’t matter what kind of background you upload or create for your twitter page, just make it about you!

(Not all all) Free Twitter Tool #5: Twitter Friend Adder
(sorry, I couldn’t leave this awesome tool out just because it costs money!)

Hey, in the beginning, you probably can do this manually. But the best way that I’ve grown my twitter following by 2000 people in about 30 days was by using Twitter Friend Adder.

It’s , one time, can you can use the software for life! Add 90-110 friends (ie: you follow them) per day. Etiquette with twitter is that you follow back. So naturally, this is going to grow your follower base!

But remember, people won’t follow for long if:

A) You haven’t uploaded a picture of yourself and customized your page (see Tool #4)
B) You aren’t actively communicating with anyone (I have about 30 people I talk to weekly)
C) You have WAY more following than followers. So try to keep it even alright?

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