How To Make Money With Twitter, Fully Automated

For one of the seemingly stupidest ideas ever released on the general web population, Twitter surprisingly now has an effective way of making you money that is truly an automated stream of cash for those in the know.

If you do a search on making money with twitter, you will come up with a range of ideas including Twitter applications with some being a touch more novel than others. A couple could prove to be somewhat useful for making a little extra cash. But what if you are thinking about making big money with Twitter, do you really think something like a limited 140 character blog post or tweet could ever achieve this?

The answer to that question lies in a system I discovered this week. Before I tell what it is, I will explain what you can do with this Twitter system, that should have even the mildest tweeter interested.

For starters, the big hassle with Twitter is, it takes time to tweet or post an update and time is one thing that is universally in short supply.

Secondly, finding the right folks interested in my topic or business is a hassle because you can’t search on Twitter like you can search in Google for instance.

To top it all off, how could I possibly sell anything to these people even if I could find them, connect with them by updating regularly?

The answer lies with a system developed by a mild mannered geek by the name of Bill Crosby, no not the actor but the professional monopoly playing Bill Crosby. Well at least that is what his Twitter profile claims.

I met up with Bill’s system only a few days ago and when my Twitter account of about 12 months of age, had about 100 followers and about 100 people were following me. You know how it goes, you get an email from Twitter that tells you someone new is following you and think OK, they seem nice and interesting so I will follow them back. Hey every now and then you tweet about something and so it goes. Twittering in a fairly aimless manner wondering how all these people you are following have managed to get thousands of followers while you only have not much more than a few dozen. You begin to wonder, what are they all doing that I am not?

I happened to find a link in one of the direct messages from someone I had connected with on Twitter that had a small link to Bills website, where I saw his Twitter auto pilot video. It all sounded too good to be true, automatic Twitter, set it and forget it. Wow I thought, finally someone speaking my language. An automated Twitter system that would find highly targeted Twitter friends, follow them, have them follow me back and the best part was yet to come. Automated, on topic highly targeted updates. I thought, no way, this can’t happen. How? Well it is true. I will tell where I am up to now, just 4 short days later.

As of July 1, I now have 1,268 people I am following with 654 people following me. I have produced 122 updates and the best part is, no sooner had I set this up and running did I have a new business enquiry from someone interested in my services. They had clicked my website link, browsed my pages and decided to contact me with the prospect of buying from me. Wow again! I couldn’t believe it, less then one hour after setting Twitter on to auto pilot did I have a meaningful contact from a potential customer. What they were interested in was a product worth about ,000 to my business.

I had been on Twitter for over a year and not much had happened, as I wasn’t sure what to do with it. As I said in the beginning, Twitter seemed the stupidest idea I had ever come across so I did nothing with it.

The automated Twitter system that Bill showed me how to do, only took an hour to set up. His instructions where easy to follow video guides, with a backup checklist. Everything is covered, although a couple of the sites had been updated since he made the video back in April. Still I managed to figure things out and kept going to great success. He claims to be able to get you about 15,000 followers in 90 days and with 500 extra followers I have gotten in just 4 days I am set to end up with about 45,000 followers by the end of 90 days.

Now the really cool thing is, no matter if you haven’t got a business to promote, you can make money by sharing the idea with other people who follow you. Bill makes this really easy to do. I will say that it does require you doing a little maintenance (takes about 2 minutes) a couple of times a week but it seems that this a fair trade for something so time saving.

So there you have it, a simple, easy to set and forget Twitter on auto pilot system that helps you make money in a couple of ways and at the very least frees you from the burden that Twitter once threatened us all with, namely robbing us of even more of our precious time. That is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Twitter auto pilot system from Bill.

By the way, I did upgrade one of the accounts that Bill will send you to, but it is not necessary to do so, as once you pay the small price for his system there is nothing else you need to spend, just a little time setting it up. I hope you find it as time liberating as I have.

The author of this article Greg Gillespie is a social media commentator and SEO consultant, who can help you get your business to the top of Google.

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