How to Use Twitter – 4 Steps on How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Today, Twitter is continuing to grow and getting increased service in the wide media.  Everyone you can think of is tweeting or have least heard of it once or twice. Huge corporations are turning to twitter experts to position their company along the broad media. And yes people are making money through twitter and getting a large amount of their traffic from twitter.

Use the right approach on Twitter and you can bring that traffic to your site.

Here’s are my 4 steps on how to use twitter to bring traffic to your site and increase your online exposure

Pick A Controversial Article Idea

When Twitter first launched, it attracted a heavy tech-oriented population similar to Digg. These folks are usually the first adopters in any new technology, so it’s hardly surprising they gravitated toward Twitter. If you wanted to get their attention, you needed to create content that was both controversial and technical.

Times change quickly. Twitter has hit the mainstream with coverage on CNN, Time, and other popular media properties. That means anything you write that is controversial can potentially hit a sweet spot and attract traffic. Think about content that will polarize your market.

Use the Tweet This WordPress – Plugin

I recommend that you use a WordPress blog. Not only does the architecture perfectly complement effective search engine optimization strategies, but some of the plugins will make your Twitter marketing much easier.

Download and install the “Tweet This” WordPress plugin on your blog. It automatically loads a link at the end of each of your posts that allows your readers “re-tweet” them with a single click. If you’re using Twitter to drive traffic..

Channel the Viral Effect

Suppose you’ve written a controversial article that is relevant to your market. For example, if you’re marketing the health reform bill, you might write a post about the problems with reform and how it will be of no use to the united states, but will only promote socialism.

Once you create the content, post it on your blog. Then, “tweet” about it within your Twitter account. The more Twitter followers you have, the quicker bump in traffic you’ll  Similarly, the larger your blog readership, the faster your article will spread virally.

Encourage your blog readers to jump-start your post by clicking the “Tweet This” link at the end of it. Assuming many of them have a Twitter account, their re-tweets will get the ball rolling and increase your exposure. Some of their Twitter followers will visit your blog post and re-tweet it as well, creating a snowball effect. A few of them will also subscribe to your RSS feed, which paves the way for re-tweets on your future posts.

At this point, you’re already enjoying a traffic jump

Twitter is just Getting Started

Unless Twitter fades away under its own momentum, the service is going to be around for a long time. There’s plenty more to reveal, such as branding your Twitter account, adding gear, optimizing for Twitter search, and more. I recommend you read my How do you twitter Marketing Tips Guide for More Information.

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