Affiliate Marketing Software: Market Samurai’s Monetization Module

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Software: Market Samurai’s Monetization Module”

  1. MLMForShyPeople says:

    Great video on how easy it can be to get started on Monetizing your website. Thanks for the video Kernel!

  2. mikebos1987 says:

    Great video!
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  3. ebrevolution says:

    Cool Video! Visit my channel for more marketing tips.

  4. TheodoreRhoades says:

    I love this software so much, its worth the money IF you put in the effort

  5. UneekSoftware says:

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  6. EarnPayPalCash says:

    Great Video,

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  7. elizabetpohlmann says:

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  8. BubbleClopp says:

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  9. tcmiles88 says:

    Wow. Homerun (don’t know what the equivalent term is in Cricket)! Kudos!


    I must say, the australian man did an excellent job on this sales preview. They did a great job of scripting and executing this video
    l….I mean they really made their product out to be a necessity that could easily warrant a $1000 price tag. I must say, I would even consider paying that much..thank god it doesn’t cost that much though…

  11. dctrex says:

    So beautiful, tears are coming to my eyes!

  12. fjwhirlwind says:

    WOW! Is this the best keyword tool on the market to day? Or is this the living legend of all keyword tools? Either way, you have my admiration guys! TOPNOTCH! :)

  13. petev1 says:

    Watching the Noble Samurai team develop Market Samurai is like watching a World Class Basketball Team that; even though they’re ahead by 36 points in the 4th quarter still keep their 1st string in to keep the necks of the hapless ‘competition’ firmly underfoot. Bravo one and all… Show No Quarter!

  14. MoneyXpert says:

    nice video lisa :)
    I hope I can do something like that, video thing hehe.
    my voice doesn’t really that good on microphone so good for you :)

  15. loftydealsnow says:

    Thanks for the info, I am new to Affiliate Marketing and hungry for all the advice I can get
    to do things the right way. There is a lot of miss information and hype out there, I respect and appreciate honesty.

  16. crimzon5 says:

    Thanks lisa- i gotta try this!

  17. ptccashmoneymaker says:

    Thx for all this!
    Are you also doing ptc’s like neobux?

  18. kenpca says:

    @5000marios Go to click bank website and you’ll see what products they have!

  19. kenpca says:

    @ItsFunTV Not sure what site you made your money on..but often times you have to make a certain amount before they send you a check or there may be other requirements. You’ll have to check the stie rules. Google Adsense works for whoever learns the system and lots of folks out there are doing very well with it.

  20. kenpca says:

    @LateBirdTV And if you had 100 sites running automatically with enough traffic to make you just $30 a month how much would that make you? $3,000 a month! Or just build traffic to your main site so that you get more click throughs. This is what Ive learned….no matter what direction one takes in life…it takes WORK but in the case of Online Business, you have unlimited income potential vs a day job that has a limit how much you can make. I recommend watching all of Lisa’s videos. Great info!

  21. kenpca says:

    @b0urn3slim Go to click bank for that info my friend. :)

  22. kenpca says:

    @xxOMAR313xx All you have to do is call IRS for that answer. We are taxed on ALL income!

  23. kenpca says:

    EVERYONE: Lisa is ONE person! Many of the questions here can be answered if you just take the time to watch Lisa’s videos both here on her youtube channel & her websites & Facebook. If you’re not the type of person to do your own research, you probably won’t be very successful online either. No offense intended but in order to succeed one must learn to take OWNERSHIP, learn & do all YOU can first, then ask the experts to fill in the blanks after you have proven yourself. Just a suggestion! :)

  24. kenpca says:

    @TheItouchiapps LOL then why do so many people make money online??? I have personal friends who make 6 figures online. Its a matter of adjusting your thinking & learning from those who are successful to help you avoid the pit falls & mistakes people make. The opportunities are endless! Have a blessed day!

  25. kenpca says:

    Lisa, thanks for all the great info on your channel & your websites! I can see why you create a lot of loyalty & trust because of your down to earth open & honest approach! I respect you “keeping it real” lol. I have been learning a lot over the past while about making money online & am gearing up to get serious & start putting what Ive learned to work asap! I know others personally who make good money online & I know it works so just have to learn to work it right! Keep up the good Work! :)

  26. lisa3876 says:

    @MsKoali That’s exactly what I’m doing. When people starting being more honest and only promoting products they truly believe in, they will realize that integrity will take you far out here and people will trust and therefore buy what you recommend. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and it hasn’t failed me yet.

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  28. MsKoali says:

    She does a good job of selling the idea tat you must buy products. Maybe that’s what she is really doing. I don’t know.

  29. Tylorolson says:

    @lisa3876 Wait, what are you talking about. I just started clickbank. I really want to know what your talking about. What do you mean report?

  30. MacBoyR says:

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  31. TheItouchiapps says:

    u cant make money online

  32. mihaisamp90 says:

    Hi Lisa, back again with a comment:)
    how can I contact you?
    I want to make you an offer.just leave me your skype,g-mail,yahoo,anything and i will send you a message.hope you belive me:).thx and I hope to get in touch with you very soon.bye

  33. TrueGreatness73 says:

    If your lazy or computer internet illiterate then this is not for you unless your willing to change. This takes time but you must understand how to “Keyword Research”. Main things to learn are “keywords research, Backlinks, and persuasive articles. There are many ways to bring in traffic. Once you get the hang of things and start making sales I recommend you purchase a website.

  34. aniaandre says:

    Lisa, I am new to clickbank but I am in need to make money very quickly. I am talking about couple of grants a month. How can I do that and from where to start. Everthing looks odd to me now and I am not sure if I can do it.

  35. infoforeveryone says:

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  36. sammyb013 says:

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  37. blktrekie29 says:

    @bozaka1 Yeah, you can.

  38. bozaka1 says:

    hi lisa, i’ve got some questions,
    can i do this, becouse i live in europe?
    and how do i get my money from my click bank account to my banking account ?

    i’m learning alot from your videos,
    (and, sorry for the english if its not good, i’m from holland )