11 Twittering Rules On How To Twitter Well, And Earn Money

Twitter has taken the world by storm, faster than a F1 racing car. The entire major news channels, TV channels, celebrities, businesses now are also on Twitter. Not forgetting the individuals and Internet Marketers who are spending enormous amounts of time twittering or tweeting. But most of them don’t know how to twitter well; twittering needs skills just like marketing does. There are even a statistics on who is the most followed Twitter user in the world. I’m going to reveal some Twitter tips on how to twitter well, so that you won’t be hate on Twitter.

Always provide solid information every time you tweet, such as big sales, free gifts at this website. Providing pictures are better.

You should find people who share similar interests to you, if you’re into Network Marketing, finding people with the same interests would be great. Use Twitter Search or Twellow for that.

Doing things online are actually virtually real, you should try to imagine you are at a party or business mixer. Social Networking is a virtual event; try to be friendly just like you would in a real life.

Be yourself.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of good things and also bad things on Twitter. Some of the bad things are caused by the Internet Marketers who are chomping at the bit thinking Twitter is going to make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. They just don’t know how to twitter well, I’ve followed many Internet Marketers and have been pitched and approached by every get-rich-quick scheme or new MLM venture, and even the next big thing projects.

What they don’t know is that 90% of the people think you are spamming them. You need to know how to twitter well, to promote your business. I’m sure giving a link to a landing page you own is absolutely not the way. Below is the way to let Twitter work for you:

Do not try to pitch your business with your Twitter Profile, Automated Direct Messages, and Tweets. Those are for you to build your credibility and reputation online, don’t sound like you need cash badly.

Always follow people who you feel may be a potential client or prospects for you. But do remember, you only want to follow them and build a good relationship with them, don’t pitch your business on your first tweet.

Always provide your information about your business or product through a blog, article, press release or even squidoo.

After you have successfully branded yourself as a leader in your field, most Twitter users will eventually be curious about your business, and they will always be able to find a way to your landing page through your blog.

Always be available; reply all your Direct Messages and replies tweet to you.

I have said that some of the bad things are caused by many of the Internet Marketers, but some of them are also caused by the misuse of Twitter tools. Nowadays, there are so many twitter tools or applications available online, free and paid. Some of the Internet Marketers are greatly misusing this. Here is why:

Automated Welcome Direct Messages

This is actually a very powerful feature available in most of the twitter tools out there. Now, I have received too many messages that say, “Thanks for following, want to make 6K in a year? Click here (link)”. Now those kinds of messages are the messages that I won’t even read. They are pitching me on the first day I knew them.

Always use friendly and non-pitching welcome messages, “Hi, great to be friends. Let’s talk further.” That’s enough. People will be more than glad to talk to you if you’re not selling them anything.

Automated Tweets

Some Twitter users that has 500 followers or below 1000 followers, and they are making automated tweets for more than 20 times a day. That’s totally ridiculous. The less your followers are means the slower your tweets will be replaced by people’s. Now, you don’t want when people clicked on your profile and saw that you are actually tweeting the same content over and over again, and it’s pitching.

You should set your automated tweets properly, set some that will be tweet once a day, a couple which will be tweet once a week. Be creative on tweeting.

Tantawi Sagara is a leader in Internet Marketing and expert in Social Media, always searching for new potential members to join him on a mission to be one of the 100 millionaires to be created by 2012,learn more about him on his blog, http://freeforyoutosearch.com

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