The Future of Affiliate Marketing (Ad Taxes)

Sign the advertising / affiliate tax petition Info on individual state laws
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25 Responses to “The Future of Affiliate Marketing (Ad Taxes)”

  1. nickl82886 says:

    The affiliate relationship is under attack in Arizona, House Bill 2551.

  2. FunmobileSmarts says:

    Great content, Lisa. Thanks for keeping us informed

  3. broogee says:

    Great video Lisa. Very informative and your strategy is smart. Most people are just happy being affiliates but to develop your own product reveals the business sense in a person. Wishing you more success

  4. hatikva2211 says:

    thanks for this video Lisa sweetie :) I hope that ad tax wont come anywhere near europe

  5. gmakwa says:

    Interesting Very Interesting. I will keep an eye on your profile

  6. GRACIEHAZELful says:

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  7. AyannaShana says:

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  8. lisa3876 says:

    @fileferret2012 You are talking about 2 different models. Selling your own product and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers don’t have to have products. We sell other people’s stuff through recommendations, reviews, etc. I don’t have any products that I sell directly so I’m not sure what you mean. The only money I spent was to host my website and that’s less than $7/month. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

  9. fileferret2012 says:

    But to build your own product takes money? unless you are a top programmer.

    You have to visit suppliers to get an idea of what it is you want and then do the homework on actually ‘what’ product you need to own. Money is a key factor here and a great many newcomers to affiliate marketing simply do not have the ‘cash’ to start their own product line.

  10. delialah02 says:

    lisa3876 Thank you for this video Lisa; good to know; it has not affected Indiana yet but who knows!!

  11. arieyhanz says:

    Lisa, How about Google Adwords? Is that worthed enough to do affiliates with adwords rather than adsense? Thanks Lisa..

  12. kalvn1 says:

    Lisa, I came accross your videos by accident and I must say You have really helped me tremendously. I have been trying for a long time to figure out how to do what you make look very easy. I have even wasted a lot money on multi-level marketing that promise you the website included type deal.Hopefully I can learn enough from you to really make this work. I heard about Site Buildit about 3 years ago. I was reluctant to try, I most deffinately will try it now. Thanks for your help!

  13. SurvivingOklahoma says:

    If states need more money, they don’t need to go after us affiliates. Doing stupid things like this will in turn make the state less revenue and promote more unemployment (so to speak)! In time they will see what a stupid mistake they’ve made but at the moment it’s diversify or die.

  14. JaxOffers says:

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  15. globefreelancer says:

    You got some points there and i be back to watch more video, let me know.

  16. MrEasypaisa says:

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  17. MrEasypaisa says:

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  18. andyscorner101 says:

    It has been quite some time since I have heard anyone espouse the common sense that you do within this video. You are right on the money. I wish you well in all you do and encourage those who watch and listen to this video to heed your advice.
    Thank you for providing an intelligent and honest viewpoint within a medium known for its deceit and unforgiving greed. You are appreciated.

  19. InfoSysSenior says:

    You are very knowledgable when it comes to business and internet marketing. I go to college for computers and information management systems, and the the professors don’t even cover topics such as affiliate marketing and adsense; I wish they would. I find you highly informative and motivating. I made it past 4 of your videos, so it goes to show you that you are doing something that will help people generate a solid income using the internet in creative ways. Keep up the good work.

  20. DMTV says:

    How do you feel that mobile marketing will effect affliate programs ? considering those who are new and want to generate traffic to there sites , but still are late to the game when it comes to mobile ? is there any hope for us ?

  21. slurp95 says:

    more great info ! I love it

  22. KendrickJ2 says:

    More government—figures. People always love it when it involves some other person or group.

    “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” ~ Rousseau

    Great videos and sites…

  23. alennna says:

    wow another Govt regulation i see…

    :) this was a very powerful video Lisa, thank you. 5 stars, added to favorites, subscribed. Thinking of buying the SBI too … not sure if its a good Idea for me as i live in Japan.. any suggestions? Thank you very much for your time.

  24. troglodyte3344 says:

    oh, im not getting all over your videos in my subscription box.

  25. codyhunter says:

    What’s the ROI on selling domains and hosting?