Microbrand Media Releases ‘How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales’ Affiliate Marketing eBook

Microbrand Media Releases ‘How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales’ Affiliate Marketing eBook

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 16, 2011

Microbrand Media today released the new affiliate marketing eBook from Nick Reese and Chris Brogan entitled ‘How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales – An Inside Look Into How a Top Affiliate Marketer Pulls Close to a Million Dollars in Commissions Each Year.’

Accepted practice in the business world that one party will be paid for sending business to another party. Affiliate marketing is the internet-based version of that practice in which a business rewards affiliates for each web visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

“‘Traffic and Trust’ is not a guide on how to make money overnight, but it does instruct readers on how to lay the groundwork for building an online empire,” said author Nick Reese. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. ‘Traffic and Trust’ provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for building the enduring long-term success in affiliate marketing that can allow for real economic and lifestyle freedom. I have written this book to help readers learn how to create real assets through building websites that effectively refer customers to other businesses, and generating the traffic and trust to make these sites (assets) relevant and viable for a long time. When managed effectively, these assets can produce significant passive income for their owners.”

“Trust makes me money every day,” said Chris Brogan, interloping co-author and president of Human Business Works. “‘Traffic and Trust’ expresses my passion for relationship-based selling. I want people to buy something many more times than once from me.”

Following is an excerpt from Mr. Brogan’s foreword to ‘Traffic and Trust’:

“I think the reason I’m still involved with affiliate marketing is that I love how it works for both sides of the coin: I love showing bloggers and other site owners how to make money for themselves. But on the other side, I like helping companies expand the sale of their product or service to a willing and interested audience. To me, affiliate marketing is a huge and useful part of the marketing mix for most (all?) products and services. This book is Nick’s effort to show you what you need to know to take on this interesting part of Internet marketing. Pay attention, as Nick gives you a lot in these pages.”

‘How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales’ is available for immediate purchase and download from the http://trafficandtrust.com/ website. This 76 page eBook is priced at $ 97.00. Media review copies are available through http://www.expertshowcase.com



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