Misrepresented Affiliate Marketing

Geno Prussakov talks about the common misrepresentation of affiliate marketing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Blog post at: bit.ly

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8 Responses to “Misrepresented Affiliate Marketing”

  1. eprussakov says:

    @waterfordel Thank you for your kind words and hope you’ll enjoy the book (I take it, you mean “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing”). Once you’re done with it, feel free to review it on Amazon. I would love to hear your feedback.

  2. bluerosexx1 says:

    Nice one mate, those one page adds are so misleading, i would say to anyone, take a web design and marketing course before you dip your toe in and if you want to make good money do lots of pruning and thinking

  3. growthspurtmedia says:

    Great videos Geno! I too get tired of people who don’t understand our business making those assumptions about the “lazy affiliate marketer. Thanks for addressing the issue!

  4. shimsand says:

    I agree with everything you said. Affiliate Marketing is not for the lazy man. Actually, it’s one of the hardest forms of online marketing and takes a tremendous amount of time. Great video. Rated 5 stars!

  5. eprussakov says:

    Thank you for your comments, folks.

    Renee, I couldn’t agree more. It is sad to see such an approach still working for these “marketers.” Isn’t is an outright abuse of people’s trust (or is the problem really in the human naiveness)?

  6. ReneeMonica says:

    Thanks for a great vid! These internet marketers are appealing to people’s desperation and greed. Does it work? Yes. Do they truly educate people about the realities? No. And just because you can, does it mean it’s ethical? Of course not.

  7. st8vid4u says:

    That’s the truth plain and simple…good job!

  8. affiliatetrust says:

    Geno, good vid! As I always say, perception is everything. That doesn’t make it correct though. Thanks for tweeting…