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25 Responses to “Best Affiliate Marketing For Beginners & Intermediates”

  1. VersieMathe says:

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  2. BritniPerot says:

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  4. 480woodlands says:

    really like it. well done!

  5. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    I spent a year looking, searching how to make on the internet and at least 90% of it is all hyped garbage hypnotizing you with slick psychological ad copy, or convoluted rehashed and dated crap. More “opportunities involve software to do the work for you, but unless you know the underpinnings of internet/affiliate marketing, you could very well just spin your wheels and/or spam shitty shite all over the place that would be absolutely useless. end of rant. Good choice!

  6. launchjacking1 says:

    I “liked” your video and am heading yo your site right now.

  7. 110488cole says:

    For anybody looking to make money online, you are faced with a ton of options on Methods you can earn cash with affiliate programs. The simplest and fastest way to start making legitimate money online is by starting off as an affiliate marketer. This is because you don’t need to Develop your own product, process order, offer customer service or other similar stuff like that.

  8. topbizqueen says:

    hey this is a great video. It proves that almost anyone can make money online. Sometimes people over-complicate it, but online there’s so many unturned stones.

    All? the best, have subbed looking forward to new uploads :)

  9. zhengyuv says:

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  10. webnseeker says:

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  11. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    Right on.

  12. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    That is wise

  13. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    There is no way to make money “fast” online anymore, if you were doing it you would not to have post a crummy make money fast video response.

  14. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    What is a Real way to earn money online pal? You got some of it right, pattern process and system.

  15. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    It is one of the RARE good places to understand what it takes to make money online.

  16. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    Your welcome.

  17. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    Well there is no magic or secret way to make money online. What you see with pretty well all make money programs is a lot of hype and copy designed to pull your stings and buy the dream of making tons o money with little effort. Yeah right!

  18. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    Yeah I’ve gone through a lot of info, Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best. Been a member for a few years. Worth it!

  19. GetWealthyAffiliate says:

    Yeah hi Vic! No matter what kind of content you have online, you need to learn how to conect with your audience
    in the way of does your content (website, advertisement) match the kind of expectations, needs or value that your visitors are expecting? (eg. dog training manuals offered to people who are searching for ways to train their dog!)
    then knowing your keywords and optimizing your site, then marketing plan. Yeah it takes work. link in description for free starter course

  20. pepsiplayful says:

    hello there im victor i just started making vids, and i was wondering, how i can make some money online, i do have google adsence but not know 2 much about that and i have a blogger accont as well with just 1 person following me,, + i have a page to go with that,, just wondering if you knew any ways of making cash online,,, o yeah add me if you want and subscribe, thanks alot vic….

  21. johnpip1 says:

    Very cool! Never can have enough information.

  22. Lokenath701 says:

    Hi, very good video.

  23. Lokenath701 says:

    This video is very useful. Thanks for the video

  24. topbizqueen says:

    a great video it covers a lot of useful info, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    Have subbed and all the best :)

  25. bewustwording says:

    I suggest that everyone reads the message on fastmoneylinks(.)com before they buy something online, I’m not saying that this video is a scam because I truely believe in online money, I’m also making money online FINALLY but I first got ripped off big time. I’d rather go for an opportunity that’s been tested or evaluated, do some research. Thx FML!