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If like me you are a huge Twitter fan you will of been searching the net for the very best Twitter software programs to use in your marketing & or personal campaigns that best fits what it is your doing on Twitter.

First of all you need to categorize yourself to what type of Twitter user you are, whether it be personal or for business once you have that cleared up there are different strategies to put into practice to best manage your Twitter accounts. Twitter is without doubt the most powerful & free social medium between users that you can use and the potential to drive new traffic to your websites is very good especially if your followers are responsive to your tweets.

To muscle in on Twitter now though in 2009 you need to be more than just a Twitter member and have more than one active Twitter account if you’re going to get seen & heard. It’s a simple fact that you can get lost in a sea of tweets from Twitters and never have your messages broadcast at all.

So how do we get round been able to manage multiple accounts and be able to post to them all without it taking up every precious hour of our day? Well there are many tools & applications now online that allow us to manipulate Twitter in various different ways, One of our top favourite Twitter software applications comes from a website called and its the Swiss army knife of the Twitter world.

Firstly is actually a PHP web script that you execute on your own apache servers, so no desktop applications of software downloads to worry about & after trying 4 or 5 other similar Twitter posters we found this one to be the most versatile with more key features and benefits than the others.
Anyway back to the application, allows you to create unlimited new accounts on Twitter but all on autopilot, “Yeppers” fully automated, hell the application will even crack the recaptcha’s for Twitter and for Gmail as it auto creates the email address for you too. So now we have an application that can mass create your Twitter accounts for you we need to make those accounts unique, as generic as possible, instead of having to visit every account you just created to edit the bio’s, maybe change the background & so on will do the whole process for you again fully 100% on auto pilot. will use it’s built in powerful spinning engine to mix up all the newly created accounts bio’s, theme backgrounds, text colour, font type and more plus it will also add a random avatar from the built in collection making every new account as unique as the next.

So we now have for an example 100 new accounts on Twitter all with different and unique personal details, these accounts are now primed and ready to be used. However we don’t want to have manage all these accounts manually as separate accounts that would put us right back at square one where we are spending all day at Twitter to get our tweets seen.

So we will let do all the hard work for us, once we have tweaked our settings we are ready to start auto posting to Twitter, we can auto post to any of our accounts or all of them depending on our settings, we can also post our URL’s and our RSS feeds as comes with full URL and RSS feed engines.

The Twitter software will auto search via keyword, auto add followers, will auto post via scheduling, it will also auto delete followers who are not returning the follow and so much more, this application is one of the hottest and most powerful Twitter software available and can be used by either John Doe or the top Internet marketer as its extremely simple to master yet very aggressive as far as fully automated Twitter posters go.

Don’t become another Twitter account lost in the dark, now there is no need to be sitting there waiting for people to come to you when TwitterXtreme can bring new followers to you in their 1000’s and do it all within just a couple of days of using the Twitter auto posting software from
Find out more about TwitterXtreme by visiting their main website, you will be able to read full details about the Twitter Application and get access to purchase the Twitter script.

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