Affiliate Marketing Gold Rush


“There’s Gold in them thar hills!”

Does that old familiar phrase conger up images in your mind of the old frontier days and the famous California Gold Rush?  Frantic scenes of people in another era but with similar circumstances that so many of us face today.   So many people looking for ways to make a buck just to survive.

Back then some people were willing to do almost anything to make money including kill or steal.  Many chose to pursue the promise of incredible riches for those who were willing to work hard digging for the gold.

 Now we find ourselves in another uncertain economic time with so many people loosing or about to lose their source of income and searching desperately for a promising opportunity.

 Many are turning to the internet hoping to discover a legitimate honest way to earn income online.  But, how do you know who and what to believe or trust? 

There are so many scams designed to take advantage of this current Gold Rush just like way back then only this time in the form of “One Click Software Push-Button Riches” scams or one-on-one coaching offers from so-called Gurus whose only goal is to get you to part with your money.    

Let me save you a lot some money, disappointment, discouragement, and a whole lot of time.  Those Get Rich Quick Schemes NEVER WORK!  No, not ever!

 The Good News is that there is a legitimate source of Internet Income that almost anyone can tap into if they are willing to learn some new things and work at it.  Even digging for gold required the right tools.

No, I am not talking about eBay.  That is a subject for a different article, however on eBay you can learn to create a serious income but many people don’t like the high eBay fees, dealing with customer questions, searching for products, buying products, storing products, shipping products, dealing with non-payers, returns and of course dealing with FEEDBACK.  Just one slip-up or one difficult customer could really have a negative impact on your business.

 I learned a long time ago the hard way (Read my Author Bio below.) not to put all my eggs in one basket.  What if eBay changes its rules again or increases its fees or is bought out or sued.  It could affect your business in a very adverse way.

 I believe there is a better way.  A much better way!

It’s called Affiliate Marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To many, this is a new term or concept.  Others have heard of it but don’t quite know what it is or are not aware of the tremendous income potential Affiliate Marketing offers to anyone who is willing to learn and work at it and has many of the benefits of selling on eBay without all the problems.

Affiliate Marketing is the marketing of products and services offered for sale by certain businesses Internet called merchants or Affiliate networks and are promoted by Affiliates known as Advertisers or Affiliate Marketers. 

The Affiliate Marketer signs up or contracts with the merchant or affiliate network and is assigned a unique Affiliate Link which the marketer places in his/her own website.  The affiliate marketer then promotes that product, group of products or service on his website with written content, videos and photos. 

If the visitor clicks on the unique affiliate link he/she is taken to the website or landing page of the merchant or affiliate network where the product/s are displayed, described, sometimes demonstrated, and priced. 

If the visitor chooses to purchase the product then a check out shopping cart type system is usually provided or a form for credit card purchases.

When the purchase is made the transaction tracked and is credited to the Affiliate Marketer who attracted the customer with his/her marketing efforts.

When a certain minimum threshold is met, usually 0, a commission payment is sent out usually monthly or bi monthly by check or electronic direct deposit to the Affiliate Marketer’s checking account.

Did you know that quite often when you are considering making a purchase and you go on the internet and do a Google search or on some other search engine to find a review of the product you are considering purchasing the review may have been written by an affiliate of the company selling that product.  And when you click on his link provided in the review content it creates a record with the company selling the product and the affiliate who wrote the review will get paid a commission when you purchase it.  Pretty neat and all automatic!

 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Work in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Income potential that is only limited by your willingness to learn and work.  Many affiliate marketers earn a five figure monthly income and some make as much as one million per year or even more.

Market any of literally tens of thousands of products from multiple companies so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Little to no start-up cost.  You can literally start an Affiliate Marketing business for about per year if you are on a very tight budget.  This would be to register a domain name.

Market products or services you are interested in and are familiar with.  Or, you can market multiple products or services you are willing to become familiar with.  The list is literally endless!

Get paid automatically.
No Products to buy.
No Inventory.
No Shipping. No check out or Merchant Accounts.
No Customer Complaints.
No Feedback!
Affiliate Network deals with returns.
No minimum production.
Do the work and set the Cruise Control.
Full-time income for Part-time work.

 Given more time I am sure I could come up with even more benefits.

How do I become an Affiliate Marketer?

There are literally hundreds of Affiliate Marketing Networks and Private companies looking for people just like you to register with their program for FREE and market their products.

Most of them will require you to already have your own website already set up which is very easy to do.  You can actually do it for nothing.  There are free Webhosting companies like or where you can build and publish your own site in minutes.

Of course, as you begin to start creating income you can move up to a site with all the bells and whistles for a modest yearly fee.

How do I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There are several ways you can go about learning Affiliate Marketing.  The first one that comes to mind is the WAG method which stands for “Wild Ass Guessing”.  I am certain there are successful affiliate marketers that used this method of trial and error until they found what works.

You can Find a number of FREE Internet Marketing courses being offered online however most of them are very limited and in most cases obsolete. 

The internet is constantly changing.  Markets are changing and search engines are changing.  Learning how to build your marketing campaigns to take advantage of the current Search Engine algorithms is the key to being successful. 

If you want some reliable guidance to help you find a free Affiliate Marketing course that IS NOT obsolete and with no obligations then visit my blog page.

You can invest in some specialized training from some reliable source.  Of course there are many companies offering training but only very few will actually provide the current relevant training and support to help you become successful.  Unfortunately, there are so many companies taking advantage of the present economic recession just like back during the old Gold Rush.

For reliable guidance on finding structured specialized training to become an affiliate marketer and free tips visit my  website here.


We have taken a look at the modern day Gold Rush known as Affiliate Marketing and the serious income potential it offers those who are willing to learn and work.

In this article we have discussed the benefits of Affiliate Marketing and how to go about getting started. 

To learn more about affiliate marketing visit my website..

I want to thank you for reading this article and wish you success.


K. Les Baker


My name is K. Les Baker and I would like to invite you to visit my blog site to read my complete Author Bio and also find other material and resources that are relevant to the subject of this article. 

Thanks for Reading, Les

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