Top Twitter Promotion tips for your Business – A Twitter guide by Position2 ? Part III

Twit coupons

· Increase sales for your business by giving exclusive coupons to your followers
· Use to distribute coupons via Twitter
· Get your tweets indexed in by using cheaptweet hashtag and increase exposure for your deals

Twitter promotion

· Now you can run sweepstakes offers via Twitter to create brand awareness, increase sales, etc.
· Set the objective for Twitter promotion
· Make sure that there is no bias in your promotion and be transparent in what you offer
· To participate in the offer, ask users to include hashtags in their tweets
· Track the performance of your campaign using this trend-tracking tool:
· Make sure that you do not spam your followers and avoid sending too many tweets about your sweepstakes offers
· Calculate the ROI of the campaign by breaking it down into: Number of new followers gained, products sold, new visitors to the websites, etc.

Blog sync

· Increase traffic to your blog by using this auto-feed tool,
· Tweet the comments in your blog using this wordpress plug-in:
· Include your Twitter conversations in your blog using this wordpress plug-in:
· Include a retweet button in your blog to spread it virally using Twitter. You can install the retweet button from here:

Facebook sync

· A Facebook page is a marketing channel for most brands. A marriage between Facebook and Twitter will initiate greater engagement and conversations
· Integrate your Facebook page with Twitter using this Facebook application:
· Avoid spamming your fans in your Facebook page with too many Twitter updates
· Use this application: to post selective Twitter updates

Press Release Optimization

· Get more exposure for your Press Releases (PR) by sharing them on Twitter
· Use keywords in the first 30 characters of your PR tweet for SEO
· Ask your followers to retweet your PRs to spread them virally
· Use hashtags to track the PRs
· Deliver your PRs to top journalists on Twitter using this paid service:
· Analyze the number of tweets your PR receives using:

Direct messages (DM) for direct marketing – DM’s are new way to market your product via Twitter

· Avoid sending DMs to all of your followers
· Analyze the interests of your followers before sending them DMs
· Customize your offering in DM based on followers’ demographics
· Avoid using automated tools for sending DM’s
· Always maintain a human touch while sending DMs

Brand monitoring

· Monitor real-time conversations about your brand in Twitter to understand customers’ linguistics
· To start with, use a simple tool like Twitter public search
· Monitor various keywords associated with your brand using this tool:
· Manage multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitoring using one single tool:
· Paid tools like Radian6 provide many insights along with real-time brand monitoring

Customer support

· Sometimes your brand will get punk’d in Twitter and customer support plays a vital role to protect your brand from crisis
· Monitor your brand in real-time and respond to various customer tweets before a brand crisis occurs
· Assign different queries to employees in concerned departments using
· Set up a 24/7 automated response for customers’ tweets by using this tool:
· Analyze the number of issues solved via Twitter to measure ROI

Twitter Insights

· Measure your Twitter performance using parameters like retweet rank, Click Through Rate (CTR) of your tweets, follower count etc.
· Find your retweet rank using:
· Track the CTR of your tweets by using short URL services like:
· Analyze your web traffic from Twitter by adding UTM parameters in each tweet link using this tool:
· Analyze your follower count at:
· Find which tweets help you gain or lose followers, using:
· Measure your share of voice by using tools like Radian6

Security tips

· Never use third party Twitter applications that do not support Oath authentication
· Use strong passwords to protect your account from hackers. Use this tool: to generate strong passwords
· If any security lapses occur on Twitter, change your password immediately
· Do not click any links in DMs from strangers.

Position2 has been a part of the social media phenomenon since its advent. We’ve seen social media evolve and become an established marketing discipline. Position2 has developed a proprietary methodology called ‘Surround & Intent Marketing’ (SIM). The SIM suite maximizes customer response through a data-driven understanding of online behaviour that predicts intent, and drives action through a dynamic combination of search and social media marketing. For more information visit,

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