Twitter Tools For Ease and Brand Recognition with the Internet presented Twitter Glitter generator

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Twitter Tools For Ease

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Lets you Generate

Glitter letters in two steps to post to your twitter Layout

Brabblr – With Brabblr, you can post to all your micro

blogging services including Twitter(), Pownce, Jaiku(), Tumblr(),

Jabber, Frazr, and more.

Autopostr – This service lets your friends in Twitter know when you

post a new picture on Flickr().

EmailTwitter – With this service, you can send tweets to

Twitter from your cellphone without incurring SMS charges.

GroupTweet – Allows you to post private message to a group of

Twitter friends.

Hashtags – You can add tags to your Twitter posts with this


HelloTxt – This service enables you to update Twitter, a host

of other micro blogging sites, and social networking sites with one


LinkBunch – Need to share more than one link in a tweet?

LinkBunch puts together all the links and provides you one link that

you can share on Twitter. As you might have understood, this can be

used not just with Twitter, but also with emails, IMs, SMS, etc.

LiveTwitting – Helps you cover a conference live on Twitter.

Similar to liveblogging, only cooler.


Twitter\’s API is spawning new tools faster than we can keep up. The

latest is Twitterverse, from design company Ideacodes, which provides


How the Famous Tweeple Got Hacked

So how did the Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Britney Spears,

Facebook, and others get broken into and littered with inappropriate

messages earlier today?…

Twitter API Wiki Hacked?

So claims the group RealInFaz, which has posted its logo with the

message “Hacked by HeuRisTiC” at the top of the Twitter API wiki….

MicroRevie – Post reviews on twitter accs and this service

will turn them into microformats.

Mobypicture – A service to post to your blog and

micro-blogging sites like Twitter through your mobile phone.

OutTwit – A tool for Outlook that will send the latest tweets

from your friends as incoming email messages.

SecretTweet – Post to Twitter anonymously. If you really need to.

SnapTweet – Allows you to post your Flickr pictures to


Snitter – an Adobe AIR() based desktop client for Twitter

compatible with Mac and Windows. The Linux version is in testing.

Twitsay – You can tweet an audio recording to Twitter using

this new and popular service.

Twits Like Me – You can use this service to find people on

Twitter who share your interests.

TwitterCal – This service allows you to post events from your

Google() calendar to your Twitter accounts.

Twitter Feed – This tool allows you to send your blog atom or

RSS feed to Twitter.

TwitterGram – Post an mp3 on Twitter using this service.

Twitteroo – This is another popular desktop client for


TwitterIM – Using this tool, you can tweet from Windows Live

Messenger() and ICQ.

Tweetr- an AIR based Twitter client for MAC and PC. You can use this to

send files upto 100MB.

Twibler – posts your ebay listings to Twitter automatically.

Twideeo – You can post videos to Twitter using this service

that lets you upload the vid to their site and then generates a link to

your video.

Twit+ – You can tweet pictures, videos, and files using this

service publicly or privately among your friends on Twitter.

Twitxr – Another neat way to post a picture on Twitter,

Facebook(), or Picassa.

TweetChannel – You can add TweetChannel as your friend in

Twitter to help you channel your various posts.

TweetLater – An useful service to schedule your Twitter posts

for the future.

Twitpic() – Share pictures on Twitter using Twitpic.

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Twitter Tools For Ease and Brand Recognition with the Internet presented Twitter Glitter generator

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