Twitter Secrets Revealed To Help You Succeed

To get started, visit and create your account, by clicking on the sign up tab as shown below:


There are, however, a few things that you should know prior to creating your account or profile, and venturing into the twitter network.


First  of  all,  when  you  create  a  Twitter  account,  your


chosen  username  becomes  a  part  of  your  twitter  URL.



For  example,  if  I  created  a  twitter  account  and  chose


the  username  market chick,  my  twitter  URL  would  be created  by 

the  system  to  look  like  this:



When people visit that page, they would see my twitter profile, and be able to follow me if they’re interested in what I have to say or share my interests.


They can also see my location, any current tweets (messages) I have sent out to my following base, as well as the number of people following my messages, and who I am following in return.



Clicking on the number of following or followers, as well as the updates, will reveal more information about the user, as well as allow you to start following the same users associated with this account.


Here  is  what  a  Twitter  profile  looks  like:


When choosing your username, be careful to choose one that truly


represents your brand, or company.


You want people to identify you, and even if you are a new marketer or online business, you can still benefit from the recognition you’ll receive, over time, by linking your twitter account to a name that you are interested in branding.


It’s been said that choosing a username that utilizes specific keywords relating to your product or market will also help your Twitter account rank higher in the search  engines  like



You will also want to make it easy for people to remember your username, and be able to visit your profile, or refer other twitter users to you, so keep it short and memorable, if possible (unless your current brand is already established, when it’s likely that people will recognize it regardless of length).


Note that you can change your username at a later time, however, what most people don’t realize, is that once you retire your username and change it to a new one, your  PREVIOUS  username  becomes  available  for registration!



This means that someone else could essentially take over where you left of, by registering your former account and possibly attracting followers who believe it is you.


And of course, if you already have a following, people might not recognize the change and later unsubscribe from your broadcasts simply because they no longer recognize who you are.


Keep this in mind when you create your twitter account, and if you want to reserve your company name or a name that you are known for, consider registering multiple twitter accounts so that others can’t capitalize on your brand, and simply use one account, reserving the others.


After you have set up your Twitter account, you will want to upload an avatar and finish setting up your profile area. Many people are hesitant to follow anyone who hasn’t filled in their profile information, or added an image to represent themselves throughout the Twitter community.


This can be your real photo of yourself, a logo representing your company or website, a stock photo image or even a mascot, created to help you further establish your brand (very effective tactic, especially within social websites where your image is seen repeatedly).


Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t leave your profile area incomplete. You can change any of the information featured within your profile, as well as the avatar that you attach to your account, at any time in the future.


After you fill out the sign up form, Twitter will ask whether you wish to add current contacts to your Twitter followers list, or search for contacts to invite to join the Twitter network.


You can skip this step by clicking on the link at the very bottom of the page, and return to the contact listings at any time in the future from your Twitter profile settings.


In the next step, you will be presented with a list of possible contacts, chosen at random, that you instantly choose to follow.


You can skip this step, or select individual users to add to your following base (you can always un-follow them at any time).


On your main Twitter profile page, you will see several options available, including the chance to update your profile area and add additional information about yourself or your business in this section.


You will want to add in your website URL, as well as a bit of information about who you are, and what you are interested or involved in.


(Note, you can only add in one URL to your Twitter account, but can modify this at any time in the future should you wish to promote a different website).

Here is a quick summary of what the various profile fields mean:


Name: This is where you add in your full name orcompany name.

Username: This will showcase your current username andallow you to change it if you wish. Once again, be careful doing this as your former username will become available for registration.


Your Email Address: This is where all notifications,including Twitter updates and emails alerting you to new followers will be sent. You can choose to disable updates, to prevent excessive system messages.


Your time zone: Adjust this to reflect your currenttime zone, so that you can identify tweet times.


More  Info  URL:  This  is  where  you  will  add  in  your


website  URL.



Very important! Make sure to showcase a live, workingwebsite. You can edit this at any time should you wish to promote a different website in the future. Whatever you enter here will appear on your main twitter profile page and be visible by those previewing your Twitter page prior to following you.


Your  Bio:  A  short  description  of  yourself  or  your






Important Bio Tip: Use keywords that relate to yourproducts, services or market as these keywords entered into Twitters search bar will help people find you easier, or match you based on their specifications.


Think of six keywords that describe who you are or what you do, and include them, separated by comma’s in your bio field. This information will also appear on your main profile page.


Your Location: You can choose to include your city, orjust your country, if you wish.


Language: Twitter is available in various languages,and you can change the current translation here.


The  last  option  is  to  Protect  your  Updates


If you activate this option, all of your posts and messages (tweets) will not appear in twitter’s public timeline, and will be visible only to existing contacts and new followers. I suggest that you do not protect your updates, if you want to broadcast your messages to a wider audience of potential followers.


Once you have updated your information, click on the “Devices” tab to enter in your mobile phone number, ifyou wish to receive text messages of Twitter messages, or be able to send a broadcast to your twitter account from your cell phone (very handy feature to be able to continue to interact when you are away).


You can also subscribe your page to a RSS feed, once you have established your account and have sent out a handful of messages.


The “Notices” tab is where you can choose to disable system emails, so that you no longer receive alerts whenever someone starts to follow you. Once you become active within the twitter community, you might want to deactivate this, as you’ll end up receiving an overload of email notices from the automated system.


You can also change the @replies setting, which allows you to choose to receive tweets only from people that you are following, to see all messages posted to you directly, as well as between your contacts (even people that you aren’t currently following), or to choose to receive no replies at all.I set my twitter account to @replies to the people I’m following, so that I am able to keep up to date with the people I personally interact with, without being inundated with messages from people I am not currently interacting with.

The “Picture” tab is where you go if you’d like to add an avatar or personal photo of yourself.


And finally, the “Design” tab is where you can edit your profile color scheme, as well as choose from pre-created theme colors and templates.

If you really want to create an impression on Twitter, and push your brand even more, you should consider hiring a designer to create a customized Twitter profile page. You can get one done for less than 0, and it will really help you stand out.


Here  are  a  few  resources:


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